July 5, 2010

Awkward and Inconvenient Things

Kumusta po kayo!!!!
First of all, yes mom, I am getting your dearelder emails :)  thank you!  They print them up for us throughout the day and stick them in our mailbox.  I didn't get your email about our cousin until all the mission presidents had already left :(  but I probably wouldn't have seen him anyway, it was so crazy the week with everyone and the apostles!  That's too bad though, it would've been way cool to see him.  Where did he get called to again??  Yeah, totally look into the vitamins that the moms were talking about, i'll take anything that helps! 
I do not have weird things!  haha...i didn't realize i left dirty clothes though...maybe they were clean and I just didn't put them away?  Lol!  Man, you just can't seem to get rid of all your children, they keep coming back :)  You're too nice to us hehe!  So, i need some things from home but don't need them right away so you dont need to stress, but don't forget, just put them in a specific place cause i may add to the list and need some more things later! ...There is a spiral church picture book in my room (now probably in a box) that was under my desk in the stack of papers and notebooks.  I would like that, it will come in handy for teaching.  If you don't know what im talking about ask me and i'll explain further.  I would also like my little clear box thing that has envelopes and cards that all match each other...you can just put a rubberband around them instead of sending them in the box.  I think that's it for now.  Maybe if gran and gramps haven't sent their package yet you can give it to them.  That's nice of them to think of sending me stuff!
Well, as of friday of last week our teachers only teach in tagalog...and so do we!  Yikes, we (me and my kasamas) practiced teaching for the first time in tag. on saturday to a teacher and it was rough!  but so stinken cool that we could do it!  It's really hard to come up with sentences in english and then translate them and then say them haha!  We are always supposed to be focusing on the needs of the investigators when we teach and not just memorize things to say....i was just getting the hang of that in english now they expect me to do it in tag!!  Thursday nights are our TA's (this is when members volunteer to be investigators and we have to prepare the whole week for that one teaching appointment.  We are video tapped and our teacher watches!  I really love them, but this week is in tagalog so it should be pretty interesting!  It will probably get awkward at times as we try and think of things to say with our limited vocabulary!  Sacrament is mostly in Tagalog as well...the sacrament prayers, our talks and testimonies, the hymns.  We are now the older district in our zone so I translated for the first time for my branch president's wife and son!  Who woulda thought I could do that!  The language is really easy for me to write and when we're taught new things I catch on pretty quickly and can remember it for the most part, but holy cow, when i have to speak it i draw a blank and it gets hard!  I need to work on just trusting God and just start saying words! 
So in a fireside last week the lady who spoke to us talked about how her sons had mission mottos and encouraged us to think of one.  So i've been thinking a lot about it lately and during a meeting on friday the lesson was on having faith in finding people.  It was an awesome meeting and got me really pumped up to get out into the real world and start talking to people.  The guy told us a lot of stories about his mission and he told us one funny story of him and his companion running after people in a street and they ended up getting baptized and sealed together.  He felt silly but didn't care.  He told us to do awkward and inconvenient things for the Lord and not worry about how we look.  Because that's not important, what's important is that the family now gets to spend eternity together.  That really hit me since I'm not the most outgoing person...it'll probably be hard for me at first to feel comfortable at getting out of my box.  So I challenged myself to make that my motto....
Do awkward and inconvenient things for the Lord everyday
He will appreciate my efforts and help me.  He will notice my efforts and bless me to find people.  I am sooooo excited to go to the Philippines!  I'm half way there!  4 weeks from today and I'm on a jet plane!  Oh and mom, I will get to call you from the airport!!!!  When I get my flight schedule I will send it to you and you can know when i will be calling...then you can hear me speak!!  The more I hear about Laoag the cooler is sounds and the more it fits me.  It's a very rural mission and there are only 10 sisters when normally there are like 30!  It's gonna be so fun!  I can't wait to be there, but i know that i need to be patient and get as much out of the mtc as i can!
So how was your guys's 4th of july??  do anything fun?!  They let us watch byu's fireworks and stay up past 10:30 haha, woohoo!!  My friend was telling me how hot it's been there, i totally forgot about that, i am so glad im in utah!!  Yesterday was cold!  so weird!  ...and i didn't bring one sweater lol. 
ps coco, you should write my friend :)  ...or have ruth write him!!
I love you all and hope you are doing well....you don't need to worry about me, life is great on my end!
alam ko po na tagapagligtas si jesucristo at mahal niya tayo.  sa pamamagitan ng pagbabayad-sala niya puwede ko tayong maging masaya at magkaroon buhay ng walang hanggan!!! 
Mahal Ko Kayo,
Sis. Carroll
(oh ps i found the word for sissy the other day randomly, its Binabae!)

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