July 26, 2010


Kumusta po kayo?!  Marami salamat para sa palagi isinusulat sa akin nanay :) (much thanks for always writing me mom!)  And thank you very much for taking care of the money situation, sorry it got crazy!  I bet that was really embarrasing pero I'm sure my bishop was okay with it, he's a really really nice guy!  So I took out some money from the atm today and my receipt said that i have zero balance???  do you wanna check up on that and let me know what that's all about please?!  I am mailing my itinerary home with a letter to kiki so you will know my flight plan!!!!  SO EXCITED FOR THE PHILIPPINES in ONE week!!!!  I can't even believe it, it came SO fast!  So I will probably be calling either around 6pm-8pm utah time next monday....or 10pm-1am california time :)  I just don't know what will work out better so just be expecting it sometime--i'll try to make it when im in SLC.  Do you want me to call your phone?  I can also call the kids at later times if you all can't be there at once!  So give me their phone numbers if that's the plan :)  I can't wait to talk to you, it doesn't even seem like i've been gone for that long really!  So the wedding plans sound fun!  I'm so jealous that I can't be there to see everything pero, i guess i'd much rather be here hehe.  as soon as you get a dress i want a pic!!!  and just random pics along the way of wedding stuff!  Coco, you better not be getting married anytime soon, I have to be apart of at least one planning session!  So any word on the job at mcc coco??!  Sorry, today we have had NO TIME to do anything so i didn't get to write you a personal letter, but thank you for yours, it made me happy :)
Well, how's the fam doing and the doggies??  How's work for you mom?  Any fun things planned for the last couple weeks of summer?  Does alec have a job yet? 
Mom, everything on that list is perfect to send, i dont have anything else to add--haven't been able to think of anything i really need, plus my bags have to be 50 lbs each so i dont want to go over or i have to pay a ton of money!  I would love another memory card so i can just send the pics home that way!  It a memory stick duo san disk for a sony :) thank you SO MUCH!  ....and i've heard that boots aren't even worth it so probably skip those, thanks for the thought though!
There's not much to say this week, things are going really well!  I've been tried and tested as usual but always end on a happy note!  You know, this last tuesday we had a testimony meeting with our branch and a couple people stood and shared how they had had some doubts as to whether this was for them or not but now feel okay about everything and I was thinking about myself and not once have I had a doubt or even came close to thinking maybe this isn't my thing.  I was really grateful that that hasn't been a problem, there's no doubt that I'm where im supposed to be!  I feel like finally, after 7-8 weeks our tripanionship is awesome!  Those first couple of weeks we all really struggled to really love each other and open up but now I love these 2 sisters to death and at the end of each day i am just so so grateful for them in my life!  I have definitely learned that trials are only for our benefit!  Being with 2 girls 24/7 has NOT been easy at all, especially when I have one that is like me (both stubborn and want our way) and another who is not really like me at all!  But you know, I don't think I would've been as prepared for the Philippines...I think things would've been smooth sailing if I only had one comp. 

I am very grateful for the experiences and trials our Heavenly Father gives us to grow--we need to always be looking for the good in things, I know that as we do that the Lord will lead us to find the silver lining in everything :)  Today in the temple I was looking at the chandeliers (that i cleaned!) and thought of myself as one crystal in the vast amount of crystals.....Chandeliers are so so beautiful but only when the light inside is turned on--let's relate that to life and to ourselves, we are all crystals in this world--perfectly cleaned and placed in a specific place...only when we have the Light of Christ within us can we truly shine and become the glorious individual God intends us to become :)
cool word for the day:
Tagapagligtas - Savior, it literally means 'one who saves'
Mahal Ko Kayo!!!
sis carroll

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