October 5, 2010

I'ts gonna be a hot one.

Kumusta aking mapagmahal pamilya at mga kaibigan,

So this morning we went for a run, and when we got to poo bridge (a boardwalk thing that we are pretty sure people use for their toilets) we stopped to look out at the river and the morning (and yes mom, I am just on the other side of that river you saw on google earth!!) there were no clouds and it was already bright

and I made the comment (oh man, looks like its gonna be a hot one today" and then I realized that we say that everyday and why would we expect anything different haha! We had a good laugh about that one. It has been super hot lately though, we are really wondering where the storms are! I do sleep well, it's funny because i used to not be able to sleep when its hot but now its a normal thing. we have 2 fans that blow on us and that's all we need! I have definitely had to adapt a lot of what I used to do. Mostly in my getting ready for the day and how I take showers. It all takes about 20 min and im done, definitely a lot quicker and easier. I don't even know what else, its all normal to me now! I guess the whole toilet thing is no biggy anymore, I have a system of going to the bathroom now which i will explain and hopefully wont be weird. hehe. I dont ever let anything touch the ground in any bathroom that i am in, thats just gross so i pull my garments to my knees and pull my skirt up and in other people's bathrooms i just hover, never sit because its always wet and like i mentioned before, no toilet paper. and then no one washes their hands....so what we do as missionaries is carry around straight up alcohol and just spray it on our hands after the bathroom. It's so much fun!

Okay, funniest thing happened 2 nights ago! First of all we all know that I live with a lot of roaches and lizards and who knows what else. But this particular night we had just said our comp prayer before going to bed and then we said our personal prayers. After that, i laid down, got nice and comfy on my stomach and about 3 min later just as i was falling asleep I felt something crawl across the back of my leg!!! AH!!! At first i thought maybe it was just my shorts moving in the wind but then i was positive so i shot up to a standing position (never did that so fast in my life) and started yelling. Haha, sis Estrada turned on the lights and i told them something crawled on my leg! So we were searching everywhere and then sis Estrada saw a mouse run to the corner lol!!!! Awesome, it was just jerry our little friend. Lol so we got a long pole and were poking it and he was running around and we were standing on the bed screaming haha! It was a sight to see....and at some point during this escapade I am pretty sure my arm came out of the socket for a brief moment cause it hurt like crazy and now it still hurts pretty bad! That was a lot of fun! Who knows how many nights we had Jerry climbing all over us lol. Our apartment is so ghetto--yet another thing i am used to. One thing that still grosses me and sis mack out though is our 2 couches....we are certain that there are diseases like aids and the black plague in them. We hate to sit on them!!! The corners are full of black sickness, don't know how long they have been alive.

Another funny thing that happened, (what a week!) we were at an investigator house just before starting the lesson and there were 3 of us sitting on a bamboo bed and then sis mack decides to come sit with us and it totally broke, like really bad! Haha it was sooooo funny! And everyone was laughing, poor sis mack, she already feels like the fat american, that just added to it. So those guitars we bought last Monday.....we took them back the next day :( We were super excited, weird yes because i have never expressed a desire to play but thought it would be cool to acquire that talent, however, we quickly realized that sis Estrada doesn't really know how to play haha. We aren't sure why she said she could but she definitely can't and we didn't want to just waste our time and money trying to teach ourselves. Bummer, that was short lived. Yeah, so i definitely had a heat rash this last week, which is why i think i had a litte fever and pain. It was more annoying than anything...little pink dots all over me and my hands and feet really itched. It's all gone now though, just need to drink LOTS of water!

Don't worry about my weight anymore, i am right back to normal. We have been eating really healthy and exercising pretty well in the mornings. There is a store here called Robinsons that is a legit mall and has a grocery store in it--like a real grocery store, baskets and everything. Every Monday we go there now and before going we sing "Im going home..." Haha, it really feels like we are back in America. And they have normal food so that makes it easier to eat better. Unfortunately I have not learned how to cook anything yet. I will though because i really want to know and it is sooooo good!

We officially sing Christmas hymns in sacrament now....so weird, that's just not right! And yes, we heard about the temple in the Philippines!!!!! SO exciting, totally coming back for the dedication. It will be about 5 hours away from where I am. And guess what, it's in Sis Estrada's province!! She was so happy about that. They are both doing great, we love our companionship so much. Such a learning atmosphere and we are growing a lot. sometimes we feel a lot of pressure to be good missionaries and like everyone has their eyes on us just waiting for us to mess up since we're new but we try not to think about that and just do what we think is right. And you know, things have been working out, no problems really and we have seen the lord guide us to some ready hearts!! We have done a lot of contacting in the last couple weeks and have found people who are ready. Some changes we've made are really just trying to rely on the spirit more as we find and teach people, not plan so much just have an idea of what we're gonna teach and going out there and doing it. And yes, it is super strange to just teach young girls and not families. We have such a weird set up here. But really the kids just take care of themselves because either both their parents are always gone or one of them. They are raising themselves and its really sad. They are also the only ones we can really count on to be at church and to do their assignments. It's a rough area....probably one of the toughest ones in the mission. We are handling it well though i think! I hope!

So, cool story of faith. There is a member who lets us teach some investigators in his house. He is an older man and the only member in his family. He has had a rough couple of years with his wife and he is really lonely. Last week he was telling us that he is going to die soon and wants to. It was really sad. But when we went over there on Saturday he told us a really cool thing that happened that morning. He was up in a tree on a ladder picking fruit and lost his balance and started to fall backwards and then he began to pray saying "oh God" and just when he said those words he felt hands on his back and they pushed him back onto the tree and he turned around to see if there was anyone there and there was no one. And he was up pretty high and wouldv'e fallen to his death probably. He said he just started crying and praying. It was the neatest thing when he told us this. It gave him a new sense of living and he was just really grateful to God for that experience, I could tell that he was a lot happier the next 2 days. Holy cow though, what a faith building experience. it really makes me step back and think where my faith is. I don't feel like i have any compared to that. And if I want miracle to happen in my own life and in the life of those I serve, i NEED faith, like unshaken faith. I have started trying something new that can be scary at times....that is just looking people in the eye and opening my mouth. Not thinking of any words just opening my mouth, and God has been there to fill it. Its the coolest thing, I always feel the spirit when i do that. its really hard though, i want to be thinking of things to say so i say it right but I'm not the one who knows what they need to hear so why would i think my words would be better than the words from the Spirit?! I love being a missionary!!! I was reading Preach my Gospel this morning about prayer and it was all about the prayer of faith and how that is how you obtain the spirit. And it clicked with me. If I want to teach with the spirit and with power and authority....dang it, it all starts with praying in faith for it. God is so willing to give us what we need and send us blessings but we need to ask for them and have the faith that He fulfills his promises to His children. We should be very specific in our prayers--both with gratitude and asking for blessings. He is our Father and will not withhold anything from us if we ask for it. He is so merciful and loving. I love talking about our Heavenly Father to people, it's a very powerful tool. If everyone would just realize their relationship with their Father, there would be no feelings of doubt about self worth. We are all precious to Him :) I love that.

Well, sorry, i feel like there wasn't much to this letter, just a lot of random stuff. Things are good though, I'm happy, just trying to figure out this missionary thing--its hard. I want to be a good missionary but a lot of the times, I dont even know what that means and if I'm doing it! Just gotta keep going though! Thanks for the update on conference....i am SSOOO excited to watch it this weekend!!! The RS one was so stinken good! I just love pres Monson so much, what an amazing man!

From home i'd like a few boxes of jello mix...specific kind though- white chocolate no sugar low fat kind. Its pretty much amazing!!!! Also eyeliner. Its revlon color stay dark brown or burgundy either one, maybe send a couple thanks :) And those contacts would be nice, +6.00!!!!! Deodorant too, they have crappy kind here. i think thats sufficient. you can send it, and thank you so much for it in advance. i probably wont get it for like 4 weeks! We don't really hear from pres very much, and every Sunday night we go to the ward mission leaders house to report with their cell phone---meaning i get to text, it brings me back haha! Well, I love you all very much, you are all a source of joy and strength to me which i very much appreciate :)

Lahat ng pagmamahal ko,
Sis Carroll

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