November 22, 2010

What's that Smell??

Kumusta lahat kayo!!

I'm sure you are wondering what that smell is....don't worry, it's just ME!

Yeah, I think I permenently stink....awesome! Sis McCormack and I discovered it while we were comps, she says she smells the same way. It's a weird smell and I don't know where it comes from, I think the Philippines just smells like this and now I'm officially a part of it! Even while I'm bucketing (showering) I smell's almost like a tanning bed but worse cause I kinda like the smell of tanning beds. Maybe it's just my hair and skin getting burnt everday and ontop of it, EVERYONE burns their trash or whatever they have outside so this whole place is just constantly full of gross smoke! Hope that's easy to get out of my system in a year!

Yeah I can't believe it's Thanksgiving this week, it does not seem like the holidays considering I'm sweating to death over here! And eating nothing like holiday food! There are plenty of turkeys walking around though haha! Speaking of I love it when the members feed us, it's always so goooood but I'm still used to the American tradition of eating dessert after meals and we definitely don't get fed dessert. I always leave houses a little unsatisfied hehe, I need my sweats! Um, I have offically eaten a weird thing!!! We had dinuguan the other night at the bishops house....haha, so it LOOKS like chocolate sauce over meat, but it's definitely not chocolate's blood, pigs blood to be exact and it's grainy so I don'teven want to know what that's all about but can I say....It was quite tasty! I even ate it after church yesterday! Hahah, it tasted just like a fajita! mmmmm....

So along with roosters and turkeys and chickens walking around everywhere, there are also maraming goats!!! And they are the CUTEST things ever, they are a lot cuter and cleaner than the dogs here that's for sure, so I stick to petting them :) We have one investigator who has a baby goat, actually he's like a teenager goat now and his dad died so the man that we teach is like his dad and the goat follows him around EVERYWHERE and cries when he can't find him,it's so stinken cute! He is my favorite goat and he is just like cricket when you stop scratching him he puts his head in your handsand nibbles on your fingers. So sweet!

Okay I'm going into missionary mode now.....I need to tell you all about the importance of giving referrals to missionaries! BIGGEST help ever! We can walk around all day and tract and do street contacting, but that is just not the most productive thing we can be doing with our time! A person we randomly talk to and has no idea about the gospel is easily turned off....but someone who has been given a preview by a friend or family member is much more open and receptive to the messages the missionaries have. Can I please invite all of you to really pray about and look for those in your life you feel are ready for the gospel?! I know it can be scary, but nothing is more important than helping Heavenly Father's children return to Him. Nothing. And there is nothing more fulfilling than watching someone catch onto that truth and then hold onto it.

Not too much to report on this week....things are going well, I'm happy, I'm working hard or trying to at least. I don't know what the Lord has in store for me in the near future but lately I have been learning a lot about relying on Him even when I think I can't do something and also being humble. The things we are given in our lives that are hard and trying are not things to hold us back or take away from what we have...they are for our progression, they are OPPORTUNITIES given us from the Lord, and if we remember that, then we know we can make it through. Humility plays a huge role in the learning process as well. If pride is referred to as a stumbling block, then that must mean humility is an accelerater for ours piritual growth. I love you all and you are in my prayers!!

Sis Carroll

"The discipline contained in daily obedience and clean living and wholesome lives builds an armor around you of protection and safety from the temptations that beset you as you proceed through mortality"
-Elder L. Tom Perry

ps: mom, you didn't say anything about 1. camera and 2. coming to pickme avoiding the questions! and thank you for the package being sent, your the best :)

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