December 5, 2010

6 Months na?!?!


Okay can we all take a moment and realize that this last week I hit my 6 month mark?! Holy cow, where did that come from?? It definitely just snuck up on me, I can't believe how fast this transfer has been, the days are just flying by. One year left, that is so weird, it feels like forever and at the same time, not long enough. So, guess what day it is today.....transfer list!! I just said goodbye to Sis Hernaez (for good) and got to see who my new comp is........definitely not anything I was expecting. Sis Estrada is going to be my companion again. She was in the tripanionship with me and sis mccormack. I don't quite know how i feel about it haha. For one thing, I think I know why she is my comp again.....from the very beginning all she wanted was an american comp and she went a little crazy in her first area with her trainer (who is filipina and just the sweetest girl ever!) she kept threatening to go home over and over again and started spreading rumors about her trainer. That is why they put her with sis mccormack and i....she loved being with us so i'm thinking she is now with me so that she doesn't go crazy again. Oh boy....i've got some work ahead of me. She is very sweet and it's nice that we are already comfortable with each other and know how to work with one another but she is not a fan of being completely obedient and to top it off, her trainer is in our district (im sitting next to her right now actaully) Her name is Sis Villeagas and I just love her and know that none of the rumors are true so it is giong to be very interesting when we all meet once a week for district meeting. I dont know what's going to happen! Craziness. My mission experience has not be anything like i expected haha!

One thing i learned this week is that you NEED to be open with your companion, holy cow, it makes ALL the diference. So I just adored sis Hernaez but since she had been here a while she knew how things should be and i felt like sometime she would tell me to take charge and when i tried to she wouldn't like my ideas. I never wanted to take charge because i always felt like i was doing something wrong. My confidence this transfer has been beaten like crazy and i'm really working to build it back up again. but i finally told her this week how i was feeling and she completely understood. I tried to be as nice and non-accusing as possible and it went really well! The rest of the week was SSOOO good, i feel like we worked really well together. Lesson learned, it's always better to get things out in the open than hold onto them. It only halts your own progression.

There is a new curriculum as far as missionary work goes, don't know what they did before but now it's all focused on making known our purpose to our investigators, extending the baptism commitment at any given opportunity, and teaching the pure doctrine of christ as directed by the spirit. It is AMAZING when it is put into use. Our area has grown and flourished these last 2 weeks, we were able to give a baptism date to someone on the first visit, we've found so many people who have some serious potential to accept the gospel. Such good things are happening! this is truly the lord's work, and when done his way, miracles happen! Let's hope with this new companionship, things will continue to progress!

Um, Christmas is this month.....does everybody realize this?! So weird and I keep forgetting that i get to CALL HOME, I am super excited and will keep you updated on the details fam! Okay, super short email this week but i am limited on time today so i just want to thank you all for your prayers, they are needed haha :) Hope the holidays are enjoyable!! Activity: Read Alma 2 and interchange Amalicites with "discouragement" and Lamanites with "doubt" it's pretty cool :)

Love always,Sis Carroll

"Cast thy burdens upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved" -psalms 55:22

mom:you can just send the contacts, there really isn't anything im dying to have right now, thank you thank you!!! And thanks for the object lessons/games, i will put them to use!

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