April 4, 2011

The field is white

Hello to all!

Not much time to write, I took up most of my time writing to President...but I will highlight a few things of the week: Found out that the couple missionary serving in the next area over is being transferred and either I or sister Casas will be taking over which means 2 new sisters will be coming up here and the 4 of us will live in the house! Good thing its huge, we have a 12 person table, and 2 working bathrooms now! This should be fun/interesting. We worked in the area and went to church there last week--its actually just an extension of our branch here in lal-lo...same branch presidency, they just meet in a different place for church, its weird. So church is in a rented elementary school-crazy! Whoever goes over there has a lot of work ahead of them. And I am okay with either way....I've come to trust in the place the Lord puts me!

We had zone conference this last week.....always amazing and uplifting! President talked about Satan and told us we had permission to offend him....the only person we had permission to offend. The world is increasingly going down and therefore we must increasingly go up and rid ourselves of the Evil One. He knows exactly what is in store for us and is trying everything he can to keep us from reaching it. We must not let him into our heart. We must occupy our thoughts with good things so there is no place for him. How quickly the Savior will be here, and how much we need to prepare for Him, that we may stand blameless before Him. He knows how hard it is to get rid of sin and weaknesses and that is why He has sunk beneath it all, that He might lift us up above it all and give us an opportunity to repent and rely on His mercy and grace. We will not get very far with our own. And we will go backwards if Satan is in the driver's seat.

Once cool thing about the rice they harvest here....it goes right onto the public streets for a day or two to dry up....which means it is open to be driven on, walked on, peed on by dogs, all that good stuff. This is why it is important to WASH your rice before eating...never forget that. That probably is only a rule here in the Philies....I'm sure you are safe in America :)

Laboring in the field

Rice Paddy

Rice in the streets to dry...ever find a rock in your rice?!

That's all for now folks.....as my mission president has said, we have permission to offend Satan and I encourage all of us to do that in every possible case and when faced with every temptation he throws at us. It can ALL be overcome!

Sister Carroll

'At times, when we hear a word from God we tend to use our intellect to decide what He wants, when actually what God wants is just simple obedience and faith in Him. By all means, exercise the faith that moves mountains, but remember, it is still God that actually moves them." President Odgers

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