July 25, 2011

Meet Spike!

Okay mom before I forget....yes, I would love to also speak in our home ward when I get back.....no problems with speaking in church, I've kinda gotten used to it now, just a little bit :) And yeah, crazy that I only have 4 1/2 months left....what in the world?! That's only 3 more transfers, you know how fast transfers go? They seem like 1 week only. Dad gum...what am I gonna do?! And yes, I still LOVE sister whitley, we seriously are the best companionship like EVER! She goes home next April. We are still learning so much together, it's so amazing. Inspired companionship talaga!

Well, i've got some good experiences to share this week.....hold on to your britches.....good news, our neighborhood grocery store has just gotten their first cash register :) They are moving up in the world....so funny last week, they were using it for the first time and they were all like "woah...." all confused how to use it, it was awesome. Also, don't think ive mentioned what they use as change sometimes when they run out of coins.....pieces of candy ha!

mystery of the measuring cup.....so 2 nights ago we made pancakes and when we were finished i set the empty bowl aside that i used to mix the ingredients in, along with our measuring cup and poured some water in it.....fast forward to the next morning where i was doing all the dishes and half way through realize that the measuring cup is missing.....that's strange, i know sis whitley wouldn't have done anything with it, and sure enough, when I asked her, she had no idea where it was as well. We figured it had to have been Templeton (our rat) otherwise, where else would it have gone. However, why in the world would THAT be the only thing he took out of ALL our dirty dishes, plus it was in water and there was no splashes of water around the bowl as evidence. It makes no sense for him to take it....and yet it makes no sense for him not to take it.....we are still confused to this day after searching our whole house for the stinken measuring cup....and those things are hard to come by, you can't just run down to the store and pick one up, thanks Templeton.
This week, I had a taste of....hold your breath......dog.......I just had a little bite of it and couldn't bear to eat more, that's a PET!!! .....i must admit, it wasn't bad though, tasted like chicken. But will never eat it again.

We fed the Pascual family salsa the other day, FUNNIEST thing!! They were so weirded out when we described the different things you put together....corn, chick peas, tomatoes, avacados, garlic, onions, pineapple.....we told them about it and they couldn't believe it so we brought it over for them and they tried it and really liked it, but their faces were SO funny, they didn't want to believe it was edible.....we are going to have an American night with them on saturday, that should be fun....and i would send a pic BUT can't seem to find my USB cord.....probably where the measuring cup is.....im in the process of trying to find a new one somewhere in this place to buy.....good luck with that.

Okay, now for the grand event, you all ready???? It has to do with the title...."meet spike"....
So, I know for a fact that I have all sorts of wormy guys in my stomach, it's always bloated and hard and I have issues....nothing new, deal with that when i get home. SO, we have a bucket of water sitting next to our kitchen sink for rinsing our dishes, its water straight out of the faucet. The other day sis whitley poured the last of it into a smaller bucket and called me over "Sis! come here....you're gonna LOVE this!" I walk over to her, peek into the bucket only to find TONS of little swimmy wormy guys!!!! Yeah, that came out of our sink, the same water we do everything with.....I about wanted to throw up, just knowing THOSE are what is inside of me! So that night when we got home, I decided to test our bathroom bucket (which hadn't even sat out one whole day)....sure enough, I found one little swimming spec and figured that was the beginning stages of our parasites. So, sis whitley suggested we put it in a separate cup and watch him grow...... :)
We are definitely growing a parasite in a cup and just had to name him......that would be Spike, our pet parasite. In 3 days, he has grown to almost the size of my pinky nail....EEEEWWWWWWW!!!!! There are now a couple more of him in there too!
Yeah, missionaries do weird things when they've been in the field a long time, you have to, otherwise you'll go crazy......you have to break up the monotony of the everyday life. We have resulted to our household friends for fun....we've had fun spraying large spiders and cockroaches with bug spray and watching them run and dance.....oh gosh, i've turned weird. I'm sorry, i'm not going to be normal when I get home....

On a spiritual note, we had exchanges this week, I went to Gonzaga, the very end of the world pretty much. We taught this one lady who was a "solid catholic" as they like to say. She kept saying "I love Jesus Christ" so we asked her if she knew what God's will was for her. She said she knew her will, or want she wanted to do and we said "no, no, do you know what God's will is for YOU" she said, "well, no, I don't know that" we asked her if she'd want to know or if it would be important to know....she said "yes! I would love to know" of coarse, she wouldn't give us the time of day to tell her there is a way to know, and it IS important that we know and do it. But it got me thinking....how many people in this world don't know that God has a will for them, and that is what they need to follow. how many people only hope they are doing the right thing or hope that they are forgiven but are never sure. I know there are a lot. And I also know it doesn't have to be that way. We can know for a certainty what is God's purpose and will for each of us, what He wants us to be doing, we dont have to play the guessing game throughout our life. Do you want to know if God is pleased with you? Do you want to know if you have been completely forgiven of all your sins? He has given us a way to know everything through revelation. Prayer, scripture study, and going to church all with a question in our heart will open the door to revelation and a knowledge of who we are and what we need to do. We can know God's will, not just our own will. Whose will is better? God's of coarse, that's the will we must seek earnestly for and then DO if we want true happiness in this life. Don't be afraid to ask and receive and then DO.....Just do it. The rewards that will be reaped are so much greater than holding onto our own pride for a short time only to find ourselves on the left hand of God at the last day. What do we want more? Good questions to think about. I love the Lord's will, I love when He speaks to me, and I know it's not just me He wants to speak to. He has a message for each one of you, please, let Him in.
Love ya all!!!

"If we live in such a way that the considerations of eternity press upon us, we will make better decisions" Pres Kimball

Hanggang sa muli,
Sister Carroll :)

my awesome umbrella.....which happens to EVERY umbrella in the pines

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