August 1, 2011

masarap ang is good!

Musta lahat!!

Yet another week down....must it go this fast? We had a good week this week I must say....It ended with a successful baptism and confirmation of JohnPaul Pascual!! If you all remember correctly, I wrote before that he was baptized 3 years ago but never confirmed for whatever reason so this time, we got him :) Heheh, he is the CUTEST kid! He is amazing and has come a long way! He loves the church, the Book of Mormon, prayer, the Holy Ghost and is such an example at only 12 years old. I'm so proud of him, I can only imagine what his Heavenly Father feels! 
So after the baptism to show our appreciation for the Pascual's since they ALWAYS feed us and are so amazing, we held an "American Night" at their house ;) Basically we just made them American food and they enjoyed it! We made french toast, chicken salad sandwiches, garlic mashed potatoes, and rice crispy treats! They liked it all except the mashed potatoes, they just didn't like tasting the garlic haha. It was fun, I love these people, we have such a good time with them all!

We had interviews this week--LOVE them! President and Sister Odgers are incredible. They truly love and care about each one of us and do all they can to receive revelation for each of us individually. It is very apparent in our interviews. WE matter to them and I know I matter to them! When we meet with Sister Odgers it is for our health interview.....we get on a scale and tell her a goal as far as our much as I know I have gained weight, EVERYTIME I have gotten on the scale, it's stayed the same haha! I don't understand, I think it's my parasite friends inside of me, they make me look like a balloon sometimes but don't add any extra weight. Awesome, can't wait to get rid of them!!!!

In my interview with President, we talked about spiritual gifts since that has been on my mind lately, I want to develop them as much as I can. I asked him for suggestions on finding out what spiritual gifts I have and how to obtain the others. He named a few that he felt I had and gave me ideas on finding new ones. He said I'd be surprised to find what can constitute as a spiritual gift. He told me to write down everything I like doing and everything I like about God, and also to go back through my journals and find moments of growth and learning and in all of this I should find more than I realize I have. I have really learned a lot about gifts of the spirit, like how much they are not really for us, they are for others alone, but in return we are blessed as the bearers.......did I already write about this? Maybe I did, but I'm going to keep going.
I have seen a lot of new gifts come out as I've been companions with sis Whitley, it's way cool and I have only seen them as I've been able to help HER, not's amazing. President said that basically it all comes down to charity. When we love others, we want to help them. God will give us the abilities we need to fulfill our desires to serve. When we have charity, or the pure love of Christ, for others, we pretty much have all the other gifts. We in return will be blessed one hundred fold. God is great. His was are so mysterious, yet so simple. I love Him.
Some of the gifts President mentioned for me were: spiritual perception, being quick to observe.....and then he told me that I am one who has found what I came on my mission for, and I'm living it. Others, he said, find what they came for but don't live it, therefore they haven't really found "it"......I am among the ones who live it.....I was really grateful for him telling me that, I feel like I have really changed into a new and better person and it's become my lifestyle. This isn't something that is going to leave or change when I get home and go back to "the world" , I don't feel like that.....this is a lasting change, a form of being "born again" I will live the gospel of Jesus Christ the rest of my life that I may stand worthy before my God and receive every promised blessing from His hand. I have devoted my life to Him, plain and simple.
I want all to find this happiness I feel because of the Living Christ and following Him. It's not an easy road, let's not for one second think it is an ever challenging, uphill climb, with benefits beyond our mortal comprehension. I wish I could describe my joy because of my daily striving to be a better person and a more worthy person, but words just wont do it.

I want to thank each of you for your examples to me....I wouldn't be here without your help, love and support of me. Do not give up on your own journey, however tall the mountain, it can be climbed when we hold on to the hand that is before us, leading us down the same path that He has already conquered. Christ lives, we too shall live and conquer.

Lahat ng pagmamahalan ko,
(all my love!)

Sister Carroll!!

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