June 7, 2010

First E-mail from the MTC

Sis Leonhardt, Sis Litz, and myself

Back row- Sisters Litz, Jensen, Christofferson
Front-Me and Sis Leonhardt
 Hey Fam!!!!
I hope you're enjoying yourself in Mexico...without me....haha!! I want to hear all about it!! You can upload pics for me too :)

Well, I made it and I absolutely love it! The first day was super hectic and I had no time to think, it was the looooongest day ever...come to think of it, it's been the loooongest week ever and I feel like i've been here for an eternity!! I love everyone in my district, there are 14 of us in a tiny tiny room--normally there are only like 8 haha. We have 9 elders and 5 sisters. I'm in a companionship of 3 which has presented its difficulties. I get along great with one sister, sis. leonhardt, we are very similar and like to get into gospel discussions. Sis. Litz is a nice girl but I don't feel like she fits in with us very well, so i'm trying really hard to include her. That will be a learning experience for sure! I was made senior companion because my last name comes first! Lol, that should be fun, I really don't like being a leader, well maybe I do but not all of the time! We live in a room with the other 2 sisters. It's definitely hard to be in one room with 4 other girls...I feel like I'm the old, mature one lol. We are in a zone with 2 other districts so that makes up our branch--about 30 missionaries. The branch presidency is awesome, I love them! The other districts have all been here for like 7-9 weeks and I feel like they are so old and already know everything...even though they are still 19 yr old boys! They're super helpful with the language and everything though!

Our second day here we learned how to pray and testify in Tagalog! Crazy huh, they just jump right into it. The following days have just been class after class. We have 2 teachers who are amazing. One is Filipiano, Bro. Molina and the other just got off his mission from the philippines in Jan, Bro Buckner. It's cool because we'll switch from learning Tagalog to the gospel and then back to Tagalog...and the Spirit is ALWAYS present!! This place is so amazing, there is no denying the Spirit, everything we do we begin in prayer. And it's all centered on helping the investigator feel the Spirit. Sunday was super different. We have a bunch of meeting with our district then with all of the missionaries then we have sacrament with our little branch...testimony meeting was awesome! And I said the closing prayer in Tagalog...actually it was taglish and I had some notes in front of me, but most of it I said from memory!! I have truly been blessed with the gift of rememberance. I'm suprised by how quickly and easily i'm able to memorize and retain information.

Sorry this email is all over the place...I have so much in my head that has happened over the past 6 days and I can't put it into order....the days all feel like one and we're just so busy all the time. The food isn't bad! They have salad and fruit and wraps all the time and then change other main meals. The problem is that you can get as much as you want during breakfast lunch and dinner and there is a ton of food! I've been pretty good though :) Except we have breakfast at 7, lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 4:30....what in the world are we supposed to do at 9:00 when we are done with the day and hungry?? You're gonna have to send some granola bars and (healthy) snacks--definitely needed! We get about an hour for gym every day--that's nice, I get to run and lift weights and stuff!

There is an elder in my district from tempe and knows ben and ruth haha..Elder Arrott! And another elder who was a dental assistant for the US army--so we talk about teeth :) And one of the sisters is the grand daughter of Janic Kapp Perry! I've met some astig (cool) people here!!
Oh, hopefully you got my letter about sending my shot record thats on my desk!! I need it ASAP!! Also, a couple more things that i'd like: some ginger root or stool softener or something haha! They weren't kidding about the food darn it! my orange and white stripped notebook in my green side table, my purple stop watch in the jewelry box, a talk by elder bednar called Learning By Faith, that one cool statement on the temple you have, and a couple t shirts and long shorts or basket ball shorts--did not bring enough gym clothes!! Send my alcatraz shirt and maybe a couple race shirts--ask coco to send me some good ones :) I don't have basket ball shorts at home so if you want to get some for me that'd be great :) Just some that fit coco and aren't tight around the waste...and long enough to cover garments :) If you feel so inclined! I love you all, next week hopefully my thoughts will be a little more put together and not all over the place!! Let me know what's goin on at home and when kiki has a ring on her finger!!!!!!! Also, put up the missionary count down thing, I forgot to do that!! I will send pics next week!

Alam ko po na totoo ang ebanhelyo si JesuCristo, at na si JesuCristo ang nating Mananubus. Sinasagot ng Diyos ang mga panalagin natin. sa pangalan ni JesuCristo amen.

I know this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer. I know that God answers prayers. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
That was all from memory :) minus one or two words!!

MAHAL KITA mga pamilya!!!!
sis carroll

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