June 14, 2010


Okay i'm gone for 1 1/2 weeks and all the exciting stuff happens?! Thanks pamilya! haha, alec, that is CRAZY!!! I definitely need pics from that, thank goodness you are alive and okay! hahaha, what a sucker mom....letting him bring the dog in. i want pics of the dog! And what is coco doing in vegas?! i haven't received the package yet...will probably get it tomorrow, but thanks in advance!!!!

Alrght, i only have 22 min to write now....here's what we're going to do....my pday is monday so thats when i can write, but you all can write me whenever during the week on dearelder.com which is preferred so i don't take up all my time speed reading emails about my brother crashing and almost dying! So write me on dearelder like on sat and i'll write an email on monday!! Mexico looks like FUUUNNN!! im so jealous and im so stinken excited for kiki and curtis!!!! my email is gonna be all over the place again by the way.

So my teacher served with dan--haily's husband, he would like his number can you get that for me please?! also, i have an elder farnsworth in my zone who was in uncle doug and aunt shaunnie's ward! cool huh?! I love all of the people in my zone and my district, i feel like all the elders are my little brothers, they are so cute! I really look up to them though. They are definitely immature but when they get down to business, their testimonies are powerful--quite the army of helaman we've got here. Alec, there is nothing on earth that could replace going on a mission...this is where you need to be in a couple of years, make sure that happens!!!!!! I love it here so much!! I am constantly being taught and strengethed. I used to just want to skip the mtc but im growing an appreciation for it everyday. Who knew you could learn sooooo much in a short amount of time. I have the strongest desire to serve the Lord with all my heart. i had an interview with one of my teachers who asked how things were going. I almost started crying when i told him that i just wanted to be a good missionary and make sure that i'm doing what the lord wants. It's easy to forget about the reasons i specifically came here and just fit the missionary mold which was happening at first. We have to memorize our "purpose" as missionaries which is just bringing people to Christ through faith..baptism...holy ghost.etc.....those CANNOT just be words to a missionary, they must be internalized in order to be an effect instrument in God's hands. That's what i've been working on!

Tuesday night we always have a devotional and this last week Elder hales came!!! It was so amazing!!!! We were given such great council. Seriously, there is NOTHING that is better than being a missionary. We have been focusing a lot on recognizing needs of investigators and trying to meet them as missionaries....that's such an awesome tool that i've never thought about. we practice teaching each other all the time (which i thought was going to be scary but quite the opposite!) and my kasamas (comps) and I have been working really well together, i can totally feel the spirit when we teach and know that my words are guided :) its AWESOME!!

The tagalog is coming...i learn it pretty well, but then trying to use it is the hard part haha! I haven't been worried about it though! Im so over the food!! its all processed sickness lol. i have only been eating salad, cereal, and wraps.....im getting very bored of it. 8 more weeks!! i seriously feel like life didn't exist before the mtc, it's its own world! You know, i haven't been homesick at all! and i was reading what you wrote mom from my setting apart and i was blessed with not being homesick. this is home! its just wierd not being able to tell you right away what's happening! Me and my kasamas have been sick over the last weekend :( yesterday sis leonhardt needed to sleep all morning so we stayed in the room (cause we have to stay together 24/7) until 11:30!! all i could do was study haha, its great. you would think that would be boring, however, studying as a missionary is the bomb because so many insights come and the spirit talks to you like never before.

Well, life is mabuti mabuti here!!!! i hope you all are happy. mom, read d&c 31...promises to missionaries, its awesome, verse 2!!! :)
Ama ang Diyos natin at mahal niya tayo--God is our father and he loves us!!!!

and I love you!!

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