June 21, 2010

Puwede pong maging walang haggan ang pamilya

Kumusta ang pamilya ko!!

Salamat for the package mom!! Haha, I was actually suprised that I got it as quickly as I did, I figured it'd take you a while lol! The shorts are PERFECT!! Well, life is still going great here in the MTC! The days are all pretty much the same except I learn a ton of new stuff every day and don't even have time to review or think about what was learned the previous day! It's all good though. I love the language, I had to give a talk sa Tagalog yesterday in Sacrament!! Everyone has to write a 3-5 min talk sa tagalog and then once you get to sacrament the branch pres calls 2 missionaries to talk.....i was one of the lucky ones! It went pretty well though, it was all written out so I just read it haha. I can't wait to actually start using it...that's when it will all come together! Right now nothing is fitting, I can say a bunch of random things and put sentences together. In 2 weeks is when we switch to only tagalog speaking--AAHH that'll be way cool!

There's nothing really new to report, except that I'm learning and growing in so many ways and so quickly that I can't keep up with myself! It's the strangest feeling, and at the same time I don't feel any different. Actually that's a lie, when I teach and the Spirit is there, its so crazy! It makes the biggest difference having the Spirit. Im not afraid to teach at all and that was the one thing I was nervous for coming in here! We practice teaching all the time in class, I even practice with the teacher which makes me a little nervous but once i open my mouth, the Spirit does the talking. It's the coolest thing ever!! It's been difficult teaching as a trio but we're getting the hang of it, some days we totally rock and all speak as one...other days aren't as smooth haha, but it's totally cool because those times are just moments to learn from! Best decisions I ever made was coming on a mission, talaga!! I love being a missionary, except I have to remind myself that I am one. It's just hard to realize that when everyone here is the same, it'll be sweet to be in the real world and actually be different from everyone else and have people recognize me as a missionary for the LDS church!

So you wanna hear about a typical day here?? Well I wake up at 6:00, breakfast at 7, gym at 730, personal study after for an hour, companionship study for an hour, missionary directed time for about an hour (we can do whatever we want thats productive during that time) lunch at 1130, class at 1215, miss directed time at 345 till dinner at 430, then class again until about 8 then personal language study until 900 then planning for the next day until 920, and we close as a district then have to be in our room by 930! Every day has all of that stuff just mixed up differently! All we do is pray and study haha! It's awesome, but some days and classes get looong but then usually a cool experience comes along and saves the day! I definitely understand the mtc phrase "the days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days"!!

So what's goin on at home?! Kiki get her ring yet?! I want to see a pic of it on her hand!!! How's alec doing, and coco....and why have i gotten a letter from everyone except those 2 stinkers?! Do they have jobs yet? Fill me in....I feel like Im in another world and mom, i keep wanting to pick up a phone and call about things too haha, its so weird not being able to tell you guys something that happened!

Well, this Gospel is incredible and totally works, I realized last week as I taught the Atonement how much God loves each one of us. The atonement covers EVERYTHING, big and small....even those little moments of frustration and disappointment. Christ took a moment in the Garden of Gethsemene for each one of us and every single thing we might feel while on this earth so that we dont have to suffer through life, but find happiness and joy each day. That's how much God loves us :) Thank you so much for your support and your love....most likely what gets me through the tough times!!

Mahal Kita!!!!!!!!
Sister Carroll

For dad:
HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!! What did you guys do? Anything fun? I want you to know that I think about you ALL the time!! I love you so much and I hope you are taking care of yourself :) Thank you so much for emailing the other night, I loved it! And thank you for being my dad and being a good example for me!!! LOVE YOU!!!

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