September 12, 2010

Funny, interesting facts

Kumusta Pamilya at mga Kaibigan ko!
This letter will be much better, sorry about last week!  So for district meeting mom, we just had a bbq and played some games, I dont think we are aloud to go hiking up here, bummer!  When I am in an area by the beach though we get to go to the beach...can't wait for that! 
This week was crazy, we had ANOTHER exchange this time I was again put with Sis mccormack, the american and also an australian girl, sis stappelton who is so funny!  We had fun, but at the same time, those 2 together--bad news, all they wanted to do was talk and hang out, it was horrible!  I felt so unproductive and so unlike a missionary I hated it!  And to make everything better....we got the exchange announcement today and guess who my 2 new comps are: the american and australian, awesome.   I have a feeling that Im going to have to be the leader and put my foot down--and I dont know how to do that!  Of coarse we all have the same ideas on teaching and finding people so that is really nice, but its getting them out the door thats the thing.  I really hope this goes well!  Wish me luck!  I have realized how awesome of a trainer sis rivera has been!  She is very diligent and obedient and it has been what I needed.  she is great and im going to miss having her as a comp!
So some funny, interesting things about this place that I am growing to love more and more everyday:
First of all, time and directions do not exist!  We walked by a sign the other day that said "Filipino time is being on time" haha!!!  That is so true and then someone said yesterday "being early is better than being late, but being late is better than nothing"  LOL, im getting use to this train of thought, but it still drives me crazy!  And to give someone directions all you do is point with your lips and say "doon" meaning "over there"---holy cow!  And I love what they think is cold!  Its like a nice day in october or november.  All i do at night is have my fan blowing on me and sometimes i need to put my sheet on my legs...its awesome!!!  Haha, mom, I read the first letter you wrote through dearelder--about the toilet seat!  so funny!  I have gotten used to not having a toilet seat, its very gross but i dont even think about it anymore ha!  It's other people's houses im worried about, i pick and choose who's house I use.  but NO ONE has toilet paper...dont ask.  Another thing i like--all of the older mothers and fathers we call nanay and tatay, no names needed, it's a respect thing and for really old grandmas we call them lola and when you first greet them you take their hand and put it up to your forehead!  I love the cultures that they have here!  Whenever I show them a picture of our family EVERYONE thinks i am coco and when i show them who i really am they think i look like the younest!  weird. 
So lets paint a picture of sis carroll in the philippines:  i am very white, i have frizzy, ponytail hair, constantly dripping from either sweat or rain (i prefer the latter), no make up, ugly missionary clothes, and im definitely losing my muscle and its been replaced with my new friend called fat.  i am so glad that i am 6000 miles away from home!  However, I have never gotten called sexy and beautiful more times in my life!  Haha, and its like men who i go to church with, wierd.  I haven't gotten sick at all, my bowels are functioning quite well, im used to all the bugs and ants that crawl all over me constantly--minus the roaches that are everywhere, cant get used to those!  I am still waiting for a cool big storm to come and flood everywhere, I really hope we get one!  The palengke is nuts mom!  thats the outdoor shopping market that you probably saw on the lady's blog.  it is so gross and that is where we do our shopping every monday!  The meat and fish portion smells worse than anything you can imagine and there are hundreds of flies and everyone is just chopping away at their meat and taking money with their bloody hands.  its horrible, everything about that place is just not right!  I don't buy things from there.  I actually have done pretty good with food lately, i dont eat rice everyday, there is a shoppping mall close where i can get normal american food that is semi healthy so its not too bad!  When the members feed us though the food is so good and there is so much of it and they make sure you eat a lot of it!  So dont worry about food, and mom you DONT need to send me any food at all, even for no bakes, I was able to buy everything and we made them the other day!  So thank you anyway :)  And as for the bottoms of the garment, dont need to send those either, im doing fine for now and i like what i have!  All else i would want is probably a shirt dying kit :) for fun....and some more church cds, but no motab--they get on my nerves.
I just started this week taking out english all together from my lessons and oh boy, the Lord is with me!  I can really feel the spirit as i open my mouth to speak and trust that tagalog will come out--its been a neat experience!  Of coarse my part of the lesson is much shorter and i repeat myself a lot but i jsut have to put my trust in God that this will help and this learningn part will soon be over!  That is really cool mom that you had lunch with those moms!  I bet that was fun to exchange stories!
So lately I have been feeling overwhelmed with this transfer coming up...I am going to be the lead in the area, so that means im taking on a leadership role, something I like and am scared of at the same time!  And in my studies lately I have come across some good stuff to help boost me up!  I just love the sciptures so so so much!  Who knew all of these amazing things were in here?!  I was reading this morning in 2 Ne 8:22-23 and it talks about those who tell us to bow down that they may walk over us.  And I was thinking that we usually dont have people telling us to bow down so that they can have control over us....but we DO have a mind that knows our fears and our inadequacies and our doubts and at times, those are the things we bow down to.  How many times do we give up on something because it is just too hard, or not do something worth while because we are afraid of failure?  How many times do we pass up a prompting from the Spirit or not seek direction from the spirit because we are afraid of the chance we are taking?  I know that the road may seem dark sometimes and it may seem we are alone, but I can promise with everything that i am that we are not alone.  We need to allow the Lord to lead us because it is always going to be to something better!  We can always take comfort in the fact that our savior knows us and is with us.  When we feel forgetten, remeber 1 Ne 21:16 "behold, i have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me"  How could the man that suffered every one of your pains, hardships and trials, the man who has your name written on His hands and feet, the man who bled from every pore.....ever forget you.  I know that He NEVER ever will forget us, He couldn't, He is our savior, our healer, and our friend.  Let us not forget Him.  when we are "fixed in our purpose" we cannot be brought down, and we will not "bow down" to our fears. 
Hymn 266 last verse:
Be fixed in your purpose, for Satan will try you; The weight of your calling he perfectly knows. Your path may be thorny, but Jesus is nigh you; His arm is sufficient, tho demons oppose. His arm is sufficient tho demons oppose.
Mahal ko kayo!!!
Sis Carroll
Oh and mom, thanks for sending out my weekly email again and i actually only hear from corey and natalie these days....i could care less about the other ones hehe :)
here's some pics!!!

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