September 6, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, like the subject says....apparently it's the christmas season!  haha, everything from september on is christmas time, how awesome is that!  Mom, happy birthday on wednesday, hope its a good one :) 

This letter is going to be super short, we only have like 15 min cause we had a district activity earlier!!  This was a normal week I "normal" as it can be in the Philippines as a missionary!  We had exchanges, again, I think they are preparing me to lead the area....pretty sure sis rivera is getting transfered next week, crazy!  I'm excited for the change and I think it will be really good for the area.  Sis rivera has been here for 7 months and I told president that I think the area needs a new boost so we'll see what happens! 

Send my love to granny and gramps please!!!  I have been thinking a lot about them lately actually and am praying for them!!  I had a really cool experience last sunday that I will share.  It was during sacrament and I was praying and thinking about things and all of a sudden I got a whiff of granny's smell.  Wierd I thought, and then I just felt so comforted and at peace--the same feelings I get when I go to their house.  Heavenly Father was I think helping me make the association of how much He is with me and how though I am very far from home, I am very close and watched over.  I felt like I was sitting with the whole family back in granny and gramps' living room and it felt like my heart was being squeezed--pretty sure that was a big warm hug from heavenly father :)  He blessed me to feel a very comforting and familiar emotion and it was able to really help me that day :)

Okay really, this is super short...probably not worth sending to everyone i'm so sorry, I would love to write more.  Haha, i JUST now got the dear elders from home haha!  Holy cow, i didn't realize how sad my letter must have been that first week, dont hide my emotions very well do i....haha, making everyone cry for me.
Things are a lot better than those first couple of weeks let me tell you!  I love being here and being a missionary its way cool!!  Still adjusting though and I hope that is almost over so i can devote my whole self to these people and this work....time time time.  The language is coming along too, not too shabby, im starting to try and only speak the lessons in tagalog--so stinken hard!  But i feel more accomplished and way more tired by the end of the day haha!

mom, you can just send the package haha im sorry its going to cost so much!  if there are things that you dont think are necessary, you can leave them out!  i will request though a white undershirt from tillys and maybe throw in another color too :)  You are the best!!!  I love you all so much and I pray for you constantly!!!!  Next week will be better for an email :)

mahal kita,
sis carroll

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