January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wow, that's annoying....i did send an email last week but apparently it didn't send!! Here it is.....you get 2 this week, merry Christmas and happy new year :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Yep, best Christmas/birthday present ever would have to be hearing all of your voices!! :) Thank you all so much for being there, I couldn't have asked for anything better. Sayang that we got cut off, I don't know how much you heard of my thank you so I'll will say it again....
Thank you family so much for your support and your love and your interest in my life. There are missionaries who haven't heard from home since they left and it breaks me heart. I get mail and emails from home weekly and I feel so blessed to have you all in my life. I know there is no perfect family, but I know that through the gospel and through Christ, we can battle differences and overcome barriers and what's left is a family grounded in love and understanding for one another. I know the gospel changes lives, I've seen it time and time again out here and it's amazing. So thanks again for your examples to me throughout my life and for the encouragement i have received from you all :) you are always in my prayers!

So let's talk about my Christmas season. I'm telling you, the holidays are a little anticlimactic over here but that's okay. I still enjoyed myself and still ate waaay more than i should have! holy cow, they sure like to feed you around the holidays!! No work, but a loooot of food! So Christmas eve was eventful....we had dinner at the bishops house then he was taking us to another members house (for a 2nd dinner) when all of a sudden there was a kid riding a bike in the middle of the road (normal) but the kid started veering over in front of bishop's car and didn't see us so bishop had to swerve over to the side of the road but there was a cement post so he couldn't go very far and the kid kept getting closer until he and bishop collided!!! Holy cow that was the most horrible thing ever! it looked pretty bad and of coarse instantly there was a huge crowd of people around the boy screaming and running around. It was crazy, the whole barangay came over and we sat in the car while bishop talked to them. I had no idea what was going on and then the kid who got hit and his father came in the car with us cause bishop offered to take him to "urgent care" for a check up. So we all went to urgent care and sat in the car some more while they went inside. Then about 15 min later they came out and everything was okay. Bishop then took them home and there was nothing more to it. It was super weird and way different than anything that would've happened in the states. Their culture is just so very different, i am still surprised by somethings that happen. Luckily though, the boy was okay and nothing happened to us in the car. We could've easily hit the cement pole causing much more damage. Not gonna forget that little escapade!

So Christmas day we were only allowed to spend an hour at the ward Christmas party then had to work which actually meant walk around all day because everyone was busy....haha, awesome. I ate my Christmas lunch with my hands--first time actually. It is normal to eat with your hands here but they've always given me utensils so that's what i used. Well, this time, there wasn't anymore utensils so i ate my meal utensil free--it was great, one of the members kept laughing at me and taking my picture....hence the picture of me eating at the church!

um okay funny.....so when they speak English they get their pronunciation mixed up when saying their p's......they usually pronounce it with an f sound. Haha, so just imagine my entertainment everytime they say the word "part" :) and they say it a lot too! haha, so funny. And as for singing hymns....the Philippines must have their own version of the hymn book because they have their own way of singing some of the songs, so when i play the piano or lead i have to adjust it so I'm in tune with them and they way they sing. lol, it just cracks me up.

Okay that's about it, I am just SO very grateful to have the opportunity to be in the Philippines, i couldn't thank Heavenly Father enough for this once in a lifetime chance to learn about Him and myself in this way. My outlook on life and eternity will never be the same. Like I said on the phone, I could really live here forever with nothing and be happy. Of coarse i am ever so grateful that i do get to go home and enjoy the luxuries of living in America. I can honestly say that I'm proud to be an American. :)

No narration of the pictures because i just tried clicking on the ones that uploaded and it wont let me look at them so i don't know what i sent haha. i know there are some scenery ones and one at a member's house on Christmas day. i am sending some house ones in another email.

Love you all, and hope you enjoy your new years!

Ingat lang kayo palagi!!

Sis Carroll

PS yes i did understand what Daniel said....that was so unexpected to hear Tagalog on the other end of the phone haha, it threw me off! I loved it though, I do love this language and get excited for the time I will be fluent!

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