January 2, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

Kumusta kayo diyan?!

Sorry, there was complications with my last email and pics, that really stinks. Hopefully this week will be better! Well Happy New Year!! Hope you all enjoyed it over there, I enjoyed sleeping and hearing the fireworks from inside my house :) We actually had a great new years dinner though which I have attached pics of....Lechon Pabo (Turkey cooked over the fire as shown) It was tasty and fun to help cook! Oh man, I seriously love this place! I love the people who are so nice and giving all the time, they are so awesome, I love spending time with the people here!

Unfortunately Sis Estrada and I both had colds this last week! We took turns loosing our voice during lessons haha so we had to make up for each other. That was quite hard on my part, I'm glad we are not sent out one by one to share the gospel especially when you have to speak another language! We managed quite well though!

So like the titled states....I LOVE the roads less traveled....they always lead to good things. I will explain. This week sis Estrada and I focused a lot on finding people--perfect time of year cause everyone wants to change their lives. We were able to find some very ready people, let me tell you--and in the most obscure places! I love looking for tiny paths that look like they lead to nowhere because they usually lead to forgotten and looked-passed people. There was one family that we found who were taught back in 1999 and really accepted the gospel but because of transfers they were forgotten and haven't come in contact with missionaries until we wandered down their path! So cool, they fed us dinner that first night and all sat in on the lesson....fam of 6. And then another family we found that we have probably walked passed hundreds of times but happen to notice there was a house this week. The mom immediately recognized us and said her mom and sister are lds and told her to find the missionaries, well, we found her. Thank you Heavenly Father. She and her son have a baptism date of Feb 12...and she really wants her husband to get baptized on that date too if he can get his life in order......from what she has told us about him, he has a lot of changes to make so we are praying really hard for their family.

I have a very strong testimony that the GOSPEL CHANGES LIVES. I have no doubt that the principles and doctrines found in this church can change the night to day. I've seen this in a lot of lives so far. We have an investigator, Daniel Pili, 29 yrs old, who is getting baptized Jan 29 who I have been able to see progress and grow. The other night we were teaching his sisters, one older one younger. And we asked Daniel to give the closing prayer. During the prayer I heard his sisters laughing and at the end I looked over at them and his older sister was crying. She said she didn't know whether to laugh or cry cause growing up Daniel never went to church or prayed with their family. Now they have seen a change in him. It was really special. I love the gospel, I love the opportunity to be so much apart of it and see it work. The Lord has His hand in ALL things big and small, he is very mindful of every single one of his children and what they need. He will not forsake us, the times of trial and hardship are for our growth and development because He wants so much for us to become like Him, and experience the joy He has. I know that as we continually look to Him and focus on what we've been given and what we're becoming and not on our weaknesses and mistakes, we will be able to overcome discouragement and doubt.

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and have been able to learn from the past year and look to the new year with hope and determination. I know God is with you :) Love you all very much!

Sis Carroll

At a member home.

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