January 24, 2011

Speaking of balut...

Kumusta kayo?!

What a great question you asked mom....as a matter of fact, just last night I tried balut.......Let me just say....not too shabby haha! I was quite worried as I first watched sis Estrada eat it. you have to crack the egg then peel this tough skin off and then there is the grossest looking thing inside which i can't even describe what it looked like, maybe like a brain--yeah, we'll go with that. She only ate a part of it and what was left was a chick, feathers, beak and everything--she said she didn't like that part. Um, what was the other part that you do like?!

So our investigator then told me to try it and said that I just had to put the whole thing in my mouth and not pick out parts like sis Estrada. Super nervous!! But, I did it, I threw the whole thing in my mouth, knowing very well what i was eating and i couldn't think about it.....turns out, it didn't taste bad at all, kinda good actually but i did feel some hard crunchy things--the beak and claws probably. I just told myself not to think of the fur i was eating....sick! So it was a successful trial. Don't think i will voluntarily be ordering it anytime soon though ha ha.

Speaking of food, can I just say that I have gotten quite used to the fact that there are ants that crawl on my food and I really dont care anymore. Wherever we go if the food has sat out for a little bit, those ants are quick little guys. I used to worry about it, now i just eat them as though they were a part of the meal itself. I love this place. And oh how I do love this place like really.

Last Monday we went to some waterfalls with some members.....Jurassic park!!! It was a way cool place...it reminded me of Havasupai actually, but the drive there was beyond beautiful! I wanted so so so bad to jump into the water, it was clear and very inviting, good thing I was being obedient that day ;) hehe. It was an awesome little trip and really did look like Jurassic park, the mountains here are jungles, not like the White Mountains at all. I love nature so much, I could sit out in nature all day just by myself.....one of my favorite things to do. How can you not just feel God's love for you and His peace when you sit and take the time to enjoy His creations.....that He created just for YOU! It's so incredible. He has so much love for us.

As far as baptisms go....I have been present for 3 baptisms....I don't know if I'd count them as "my" baptisms cause they were already awesome and ready for baptism before I even got there. My favorite thing is just watching them progress in their learning and understanding. This transfer we should have 2 hopefully, 1 for sure....he is an 11 year old boy and is probably the cutest thing in the world! He is very smart too, remembers everything he reads. We have found a lot of families over the last couple of weeks which has been awesome--that's what you should be finding and I have never had such good success with this until this last transfer. The only thing is that, with families come more problems which are usually more serious. Usually the Tatay has a drinking problem and is not legally married to the Nanay....yikes, the 2 biggest and hardest commandments to teach and overcome.

We've really struggled with trying to help them understand the importance of going to church, reading the scriptures, and prayer. They just wont do it! The weight of missionary work is pretty heavy sometimes. They all say that life is hard and that they believe in God, but when we actually have them put forth effort to SHOW their faith....they just can't do it, they wont trust enough in the commitment that if they do it, they will see blessings, more blessings than if they try and do things on their own. Sometimes, I just don't feel like I know how to receive revelation for 6 families....let alone one. It's an inner struggle I am not gonna lie. I hope by the time I go home from my mission I have the slightest understanding of how missionary work goes!

So mom, I have a question, I would like to know if you have been able to recognize any blessings over the past few months since you have gone through the temple and since I have been on a mission....just curious :)

Well, that's about all I got this week...things are going well, I LOVE that I have sis McCormick and sis Leonhardt in my district, they help me feel normal haha, they go through the same worries, stresses and problems that I do and it's so nice to talk to them about it!

Love you ALL and hope you are all happy and doing well :)

Sis Carroll

ps mom, my contacts are here and i will get them on Wednesday!! Thanks in advance!!!

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