March 14, 2011

Adventures in La-La Land

Kumusta kayong lahat?!

Well this week has really felt like a month.....but don't worry, in a good way! Last night as I was writing in my journal I realized that I wasn't sad anymore about my last area. Weird, it just hit me that I was okay now! I don't know how that happened but I am glad it did haha. This area is pretty awesome, I didn't think I would adjust this quickly but thank goodness Heavenly Father is the one in charge and the one there to help me out cause I am quite enjoying my time here in Lal-lo. I am attaching 2 pics and some more in another email. The first is a baptism we had the first Saturday I was can meet sis Casas. She is from Rizzal....close to Manila. Very nice, always happy, like goes to bed happy and wakes up happy every day. It's good, no problems! The second pic is at a member's house...they have a mushroom plantation and I thought it was cool enough to get a picture and send it to you!

Mom, you are right, this area is LOOONG!! Like everywhere we go is just along the highway which means our branch is all spread out along the highway.....some people are very far from the church and I feel bad for them cause they have no money and that is usually the main reason for them not attending. It's hard to see that. I am very impressed though by the number of attendance and the solidness of the branch. It functions on its own and not under the direction of the missionaries. Good job Lal-lo. They also have a wonderful plan called "Lesson 8 (ate)" As in, they do what we do in America and plan for people to feed the missionaries. I like that lesson! So, we get fed a lot, but also walk SO MUCH since our house is no where close to members so I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna gain weight. But really, every night we have to walk 20-30 minutes back to our house. Not the funnest thing after a long day's work. Last night however was so sweet......we got to ride on a kaliglig which It's just this cool farm tractor thing and our branch mission leader (who is a 21 yr old RM) took us home on it. We made it home in 5 min!

I would like to talk a little bit more about the CR situation....for some reason it is my favorite thing to mention haha. I just can't believe what I have gotten used to here. So, I found one thing that is worse than standing in a puddle of water while you are showering (because of a clogged drain).....that would be standing in a puddle of water while going to the bathroom. ANNOYING! Yeah, we have a sectioned-off place for the shower which I shower in and yes, I stand in a puddle of water....but then there is the part for the toilet which also has a drain and I think that is where sis Casas showers cause there is always a lake in the middle of the CR. This CR is the most disgusting thing ever.....and it is being cleaned TODAY! Sometimes I don't even sit on my own toilet seat because it is wet and I'm too lazy to wipe it off with tissue. Yesterday at church I used the bathroom and actually got to flush a toilet, yeah, I got a little excited there!

I do really like our house, I'm sending pics so you can see it for yourself. Right now, I don't have an address but I'll try and get you one mom. The other day we were washing our clothes outside and the door to our house was opened and the next thing we know, a cat comes out and sits right in front of us....what was in his mouth? A, tom finally was able to catch jerry. Thanks tom.

As for the Tsunami....we had people worry their tails off here, and a lot of people evacuated Aparri and came through our little town and so that whole night was just busy busy with people. Luckily though, nothing happened. Gosh, I heard though what happened in Japan, so sad! And I didn't know it reached over to the US!! We need to prepare ourselves now.....the scriptures and the living prophets are not joking about that.

Um, yes mom I have noticed that there are ritzy parts to this town, which surprised me! There are big beautiful houses here! Hehe, I wanted to try tracting at one big house so we such luck, thy wouldn't even open the gate and let us in their yard haha. The old man was really nice though. He started talking to me about the grand canyon cause he had been to the states. We are actually gonna try and talk to the mayor cause we heard through the grapevine that he has been taught for a long while now by Iglesia Ni Cristo and well, he hasn't joined so maybe he'll want to listen to us!

Um, the kitchen/fam room looks GREAT! I don't remember you telling me we got new couches....they look good! Where did they come from?? Exciting that I will come home to a change!
Well, that's all I've got for now....gotta get those pics uploaded in another email. I am happy and trying to do my best with what I know how. I am just grateful that the Lord knows what our best and that He "looketh on the heart". We are so blessed to have the truth in its fullness here on earth and we can show our gratitude by accepting what the Lord has given us.

Love you all, hanggang sa muli

Sis Carroll

One of the scenic views on the way to Lal-lo

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