March 27, 2011

CR Success and desperation

Happy March 21 kayong lahat!

What a good week this was for me. I have seriously been noticing changes and developments within myself in so many aspects. I took it upon myself to read my first journal since coming to the Philippines. Wow, let me just say I am a COMPLETELY different person than I was in the beginning of my mission, like there is a night and day difference. I wrote down a couple funny journal entries to share with you all from the beginning of my mission....but then I forgot them at home haha. Next week. They are pretty funny, I thought I was never going to feel good about being a missionary in the Philippines, and I definitely didn't think I was ever going to reach half way. Lol, I know without a doubt the Lord carried me through those months of hardship. I am actually quite impressed with myself and being able to make it through. I have learned and grown an incredible amount and wouldn't trade it for the world!

My companionship with Sis Casas is awesome! She is just a hoot, like never in a bad mood and always just smiley and laughing haha. It helps me to stay out of bad moods lol. We try really hard to apply the trainings we receive from our leaders and things have just worked out so well for us! I'm just so happy right now. I would have to say this is a high point of my mission. We are working dang hard and seeing good things and coming home so exhausted every feet are screaming at me, but I have never felt so good! There is absolutely NO substitute for hard work and truly no greater joy and satisfaction.

One of the Assistants to the President gave us a training on Wednesday about choice. I love the concept of choice. He was telling us how it is an eternal principle--one that either brings us closer to God, or farther away depending on what we do with it. Our eternal salvation actually depends on it. If we continue striving to make right choice throughout our life (though difficult at times) we will assure ourselves a place at the right hand of God. We were also told that our new theme for the transfer was "receiving the Holy Ghost" so I began studying that and applying it to choice. If you think about the words when one is confirmed a member of the church they don't say: "you now have the holy ghost for the rest of your life and can use him whenever you want" nope, the words actually say "I say unto you, receive the Holy Ghost" which implies that WE must be the ones to receive HIM. He is not forced upon us, He is promised to us IF we receive him. Now, how do we do that? How do we RECEIVE the gift the Lord has promised? Very simply.....we must first pray for him. Why would he come to us if we have not asked for him? He is an invited guest. Then, we must live worthy to have his companionship. It is our actions that show we want his help and guidance. Who is going to say "Holy ghost, please leave, I do not want your help or comfort" ??? No one, that would be silly. However, if we are not living in line with God's commandments, we are not clean and the Holy Ghost has no place in us. We have just chosen NOT to have his companionship, even if we ask for it. CHOICE is so powerful.

I gave a talk in sacrament yesterday about went SO good! I am just extremely grateful right now for where I am at in the language. SO happy! I know I still have along way to go before I am actually fluent. But, I can speak it, it's just the coolest thing ever.

I experienced an earthquake yesterday!! AAAHHHH!!! okay so it lasted all of 10 seconds and it was hardly noticeable....BUT it was my first time so I was a little excited. Not that anyone should be excited about an earthquake......

Well now let me get to the CR (bathroom) business. I'm sorry that I talk about this like in every email.....but it's just one of the biggest things that blows my mind here in the Philies. We attacked our CR last week cause it was beyond believable......I am pretty sure I have NEVER been as dirty in my life as I was last Monday cleaning our CR!! I was in charge of the shower part and I'm sorry but I need to describe it. There was black stuff (who even knows what it was) all along the floor and walls which I scraped off and there was a ton of hair mixed with dried soap bubbles on the floor covering the drain.....ew, triple ewwwww!!!! Sis. Casas took care of the outside of the tub which was where the puddle of water was just sitting...she mopped it up and it was just nasty. So after about 3 hours, it was decent....still not sanitary or liveable, but doable. The next day we had toilet issues, it stopped flushing and even after buying a plunger, didn't flush and we even tried plunging the floor drain and all that did was make blackness come out of the water and splash all over me....awesome.

We had someone come try and fix everything wrong in the bathroom.....he succeeded in making our spriket work in the shower...YAY!!! No more going outside for water. However, he tried fixing the toilet, didn't work so then he replaced the toilet and up until now, still not working! What in the world!
I have a confession......amongst all the CR craziness there were 2 days of desperation. Viewer discretion advised: I was forced to take a poo in our garbage can in the CR....2 days in a row. Not proud of it.....actually I am proud of it haha, I was able to figure out a way to relieve my sufferings. Cause we all know, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

So mom, I will tell you who is in my new district so you can look their moms up haha! Elder Smith (again) Elders Lewis, Welcker, Castle , and Pullen (who is from Tucson and i was friends with his sister, even been in his house haha! never knew him though!)

Well, I think that's all for now. I left my planner at home that had everything i wanted to say so hopefully I said it all!

Love you all very very much!!!
Sister Carroll

Elder Russell M. Nelson said. " With celestial sight, trials impossible to change become possible to endure."

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