April 21, 2011

Student to teacher and back to student again...

Pagiging nanay......

Well life as a mother isn't too bad! Haha, my trainee is Sister Habla from Auklan (dont know how to spell it) but its close to a place called Borracay-look it up its amazing! There were no American sisters who came in, just 4 filipinas and some American elders. I think this is going to test me more than an American comp cause now I have to show someone the ropes of missionary work--in TAGALOG! Dang, I have to do this right, everything she learns from me she will take with her the rest of the mission, and onto eternity! At the trainer's training we were told how important the role of a trainer is and how President Odgers sees it as the most important in missionary work! Yikes, that's not any kind of additional pressure. I must obey with EXACTNESS which is not always the easiest I'm not gonna lie, its very easy to be a little lenient, but there can be no room for that. I also need to lead with love and example, not force. I'm trying to figure out how to both tell her and show her the ways of missionary work in a nice way so that she understands the importance. I also have to do it all in Tagalog, its a bit rough at times! I want her to enjoy the first part of the mission and learn a lot of good things!

I must say though, the first 4 days of doing this has been very smooth. I actually feel like I am the one learning from her, not the other way around. From the very first time we got into Lal-lo she started talking to the tricie driver and has just been an awesome example to me! She already loves the area and the people so much and is so willing to learn and do. She asks a lot of questions which is very good, it shows me that she wants to do things right. She told me that before she came on the mission she spent lots of time fasting and praying for her soon to be mission call. Well dad gum, she is already like 5 steps ahead of me and I've been on the mission 10 months! She is hitting the ground running! I didn't think this training thing would be this awesome!

I have no complaints as of right now, the work is moving forward at a steady rate, I wake up excited to start the day, I go to bed with a heart full of thanks and fulfillment. I do not want any of this to end! It's funny, in the beginning of the mish, I was like, why didn't anyone tell me this was gonna be super hard, I can't imagine it being so amazing! Now, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about a mission, every little joy makes up for 10 bad experiences to where its as if they never happened. I am just happy where I'm at and where i will be in the future. Now I know what I'm gonna say to those who want to serve missions: "THEY ARE THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!" That's all. And its true.

While I was in Laoag 3 again for 2 days ( I swear it really is a symbol of change and beginnings) I got to go visit some of my old investigators! So awesome! We taught one family that I just loved when I was in the area and it was awesome to actually be able to understand them this time haha! So exciting!

Well its official, Ive gained weight, not a lot really but its noticeable and uncomfortable. Yesterday I ran into an elder and he told me when he saw me 6 weeks ago I was skinnier. Thanks elder. He was filipino so its okay. I am quite used to comments like that now. They actually like it better when you've got some weight on you. They always tell me to eat so I won't get skinny haha.

I think that's all Ive got for now, nothing too funny/interesting/exciting. Mission life is completely normal now.....however there are those times that a good song comes on in a jeepney and I have to sing along in my head. These filipinos know what good music is that's for sure. Didn't think I'd crave music and dancing so much!

Let me just share a little experience that will help you see just how normal this all is now.....on the way up from Sta Lucia 7 weeks ago with Sis Mack we were on a bus and I looked out the window and saw a field of roosters who each have their own little house and number (which is everywhere) and was like, "I really need to get a picture of that before I leave" sis mack looks out the window and says "of what?" we just look at each other and burst out laughing.....yeah, of what? Cause a field of roosters with houses is normal. We got a good laugh.

Hope this finds you all well and happy :)

lahat ng pagmamahal ko,
sis Carroll

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