April 25, 2011

Growth and comfort

Happy Easter!!

Hello everyone, hope life in the US is going well for you all :) Life in the Philies is just beautiful! I'd like to start off with the quote I have used before:
"There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone"
Yep, this is still ringing true haha! So life as a trainer is just wonderful but holy cow, I am feeling the weight and pressure of the world it seems. Last week, though very good, was also a bit rough on me. Trying to explain everything about missionary work in Tagalog was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I am going through an "I can't speak this stinken language" phase right now. It's wearing on me and honestly I am in need of a good American conversation. All is well though, I have really seen the hand of the Lord in my life, especially yesterday as we were able to accomplish goals that seemed weren't going to happen. I know we are not doing this alone.

I think all of us can take comfort in the fact that each road we are on, we are not "left unto ourselves" as Moses was for a short time. He realized how weak the flesh was because the Lord withdrew himself from Moses. As we turn to the Lord, we will not have to do things out of our own strength--thank goodness because I feel like I have no strength! The Savior is on our path, not just in front or behind.....but He has promised that He would be all around us. If we just open our eyes, and our hearts to this reality, I know our struggles would instantly seem lighter and more bearable. As a missionary I watch "Finding Faith in Christ" like a lot a lot.....what He suffered and endured was not just for the heck of it, it was because He LOVES us and doesn't want us to suffer or feel the weight for ourselves. Give it to Him, I know He is ever willing to receive it.

Mom, I got your package....thank you SO MUCH!!! You are the best and the candy is perfect....my district says you rock haha!
And Dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you enjoyed your day and your gifts....all my love is sent to you right now!
For Easter, I have seen SO many people carrying crosses along the side of the rode....weird.

Okay, we got lots to do today, sorry for the short day, hope your Easter was filled with the Spirit of the Atonement and that you constantly feel the presence of your Savior lifting you to higher, safe ground.
Love you all and know that your prayers and love for me here are being answered :)

Sister Carroll

Pic 1: Mother and daughter :)
Pic 2: the trainers.....

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