June 28, 2011

The Best, The Best and The Best!

Okay I'm gonna start off by saying, I'm on a retarded computer so if there are any errors, I blame it on the computer!

So as you all read, last week was AMAZING and I'm gonna have to say the same about this week, except I think it got even better! Mom, you were asking for an experience that may have brought this about.....I honestly cant give you one, haha, there isn't any epiphany or big event that changed me, the truth would have to be my studies coupled with sis Whitley's studies have brought about this knowledge and understanding about God's plan that I just can't put into words or express to you. Over the past couple of weeks I've just had my eyes open to what this life is all about and what is waiting in the eternities for us and that has brought about a change in my heart/thinking. Very simply, its the gospel, or my understanding of the gospel that has opened the windows of happiness upon me and sis. Whitley! The gospel changes lives, it converts people, even those who are already converted....that conversion can become deeper and deeper, I hope this is something we all seek for throughout our lives.

I think sis whit and I just soak up so much light from the gospel that when we leave we are so happy and that is what people see and it causes miracles to happen all around us. This area is flourishing like none other! We had 9, yes 9 investigators at church yesterday!!! I never even used to dream of that number, but now it's just happening. and of coarse its not the number that I'm so happy about, its the people who came to church....I have some awesome stories to share about them :).......

So last week Sis Odgers worked with us for 4 hours....the mission presidents wife, you'd think that'd be a bit intimidating, but holy cow, this woman is amazing, just like her husband! The spirit that accompanies her is so powerful. We went to 3 investigators and 1 less active. They all went to church yesterday. Now, let me just share about one experience that is probably the highlight of my mission. last transfer Sis Habla and I found this one woman, Marjorie about 35 yrs old. She has 4 little girls and told us she had a boy but he died right after birth. We taught her about the plan of salvation and everything and had her pray about Joseph Smith and the restoration. The spirit was very strong and she was very willing to pray and know the truth. Well, the next couple times we went back she was either not there or busy so we put her on hold. well, this day that Sis Odgers was to work with us, I thought about going back to her, and what an inspired idea that was....

Once there we asked her about her prayer and she said she felt something that she can't explain but she had the biggest smile on her face and seemed so happy. We started teaching about the Holy Ghost and how she is feeling him testify of truth. She told us she doesn't know if she can make any changes, and she doesn't want her kids to have to adjust to something new. well, Sis Odgers started talking (English only) Marjorie understood EVERYTHING and even responded in English, we didn't have to translate one word. Sis Odgers talked about how change is hard and how it's hard to be a mother and know what the right thing is for our kids. I can't even relate what was all said in this lesson....beautiful things were both heard and felt, Marjorie was crying, Sis Whitley was crying, we were all so so so happy. By the time it was my turn to talk, I couldn't speak, I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest with joy, I was confounded by my joy. We ALL left edified and full, and the coolest part was, Marjorie was the one who taught herself, we really didn't do that much talking, the spirit entered her heart and she was taught by him. That lesson can only be described by a scripture in 3 nephi 17:16-17

"...The eye hath never seen, neither hath the ear heard, before, so great and marvelous things...and no tongue can speak, neither can there be written by any man, neither can the hearts of men conceive so great and marvelous things as we both saw and heard....and no one can conceive of the joy which filed our souls..."

That can actually describe the last 4 weeks :) there are angels here, and I think they came from Sis Whitley....she is amazing! And she is from Utah, Roy Utah.
So yes, Marjorie along with 3 of her little daughters all came to church in the CUTEST little Sunday dresses. Oh what joy!

One more cool thing.....there is this one older couple we are teaching, Lily and Ray Justo that I found back in like March....well, 3 companions later, Lily finally came to church yesterday for the first time!!!!!! It was a complete surprise to us, we looked back into the congregation at one point and there she was! she has been very closed the last 3 months but I've never felt like giving up on her. There's always been something holding on, and it's paid off, i know its the spirit that has been there! She has told us a couple times before that she's not going to join another church. She was born catholic and she'll die catholic basically. But there is a desire in her that hasn't quite surfaced yet. we'll see how this keeps going, I'm excited!

So there you have my life right now, working hard, playing hard as well :) we went to some caves last Monday!!!! coolest thing EVER!!! The cave was really big and extremely muddy! Like the whole time you were inside you were in mud up to your knees~!!! it was really gross so I tried not to think about it, who knew what was in that mud, yikes. We found this creepy looking spider/crab/scorpion.... or something like that. sick!!!! Tt was big and freaky! The computer is retarded and I can't send pics....next week.

Okay, well there was a lot more to this week, but I can't write it all unfortunately....good thing for journals. wish you were all here to experience the complete joy of giving your life to God. but I know this can all be yours too, make sure God is first, always.

Love you all,
Sis. Carroll

mosiah 2:41

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