June 20, 2011

Never Ending Happiness!!

Well family, friends....can life get any better??? I submit that it cannot!!!! The subject of my email says it all......all the words in the world would not be able to help me say how I feel and how full of joy I am right now. Why do we pass through sorrow and misery?? To truly comprehend the light and life and freedom of the blessings the Lord God has in store for us. I am grateful for EVERY veil of sorrow I have passed through because it has led me to this great, bright light. I don't have much time to write, my district is getting ready to go to some caves (hopefully they are cool!) but I enclosed my email to my president just so you can know how happy I am and why! I LOVE LIFE!!! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!! God is great. I love Sis. Whitley, we are totally 2 peas in a pod!! Constantly joking and laughing with each other, and constantly growing in knowledge and understanding of the plan of salvation. There is SO MUCH we need to know and do....holy cow, we are blown away in every companionship.....lots to do to make it to exaltation....but that is right where I am headed..nothing is going to take me off this path!

And I just want to share a cute little think....yesterday we texted President Odgers and wished him a Happy Father's Day. His reply was very touching.....
"Salamat (thank you), I love you both too. I couldn't ask for more faithful wonderful daughters.."
I LOVE President and Sis Odgers...they are leading an army of stripling warriors....and they truly have taken upon them the characteristics of Moroni, Ammon, Aaron, Alma. They are righteous leaders of a chosen generation.

Yes, I entitled my subject as happiness because that describes me right now....actually, this whole transfer! I can't even express and my body can't even contain the joy I am feeling, it's truly amazing and I am constantly thanking the Lord for this goodness He has poured out over me. President, Sister Whitley and I.....well, I don't think there could be a happier companionship. We are doing it, we are doing the work in the Spirit of the Lord that He has given us, I have not yet experienced missionary work in this magnitude. I have seen how full of the Spirit we are and how much it is showing in the work. Everyday, we are more and more amazed at the hand of God in our lives and couldn't be more grateful that WE are His instruments. Seriously, we are led to some and others are led to us, just ready and prepared. This week we have extended the baptismal commitment to 6 people (3 on first visit), 4 of them accepted, and the other 2 are really thinking about it. As we have reviewed those lessons we realized that we were teaching the gospel, the doctrine of Christ from the scriptures and those lessons were directed. Actually, all of our lessons have been like that, we are just so edified and happy at the end of each lesson. There is so much more president, we are on a roll and we are not going to stop.
I have to just say again, or request again that we stay companions for at least (if not more) another transfer. We still have a lot of room for improvement of course, and we are working ever so hard to overcome weaknesses together so that we can be the best missionaries this work has seen! It's only going up from here.
Even when we have down days....we do all we can to help each other become lifted and feel the presence of God.
The members are so awesome these days!! They ALL want to work with us and help us with referrals and anyway possible. It's so amazing, if I could die here in Lal-lo, immersed in this work, I would.

I know God loves all of His children and they ALL deserve a chance to change and come unto Christ. This has become my lifelong quest--to show them the way.

Thanks President!
Sister Carroll

Love you all fam and friends!!! There is no other true chruch on the face of the earth except the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints....live it.

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