June 5, 2011

"Clasped in the arms of Jesus"

Musta kau!!

Life is just so awesome as a missionary!! I couldn't be happier, things have just been so amazing as far as the work goes and our companionship. We have lots of investigators who are progressing, less actives who are close to coming back to church, recent converts who are continuing to go to church, and ward members who are fun and are our friends! We love it so much up here!! And we had a baptism on Saturday....Maryrose Miranda, cutest little 10 yr old ever!

We also have loooooong amazing gospel discussions and talk about EVERYTHING all day everyday, I've been missing this sooooo much! I NEED to talk about the gospel and she is a thinker and ponderer just like me, we have learned so much together just talking about the scriptures. I LOVE the Book of Mormon SOOOOO MUCH!!! It is the most amazing book in the whole world. ALL of the answers to EVERYTHING are in that little book. We need to know it, live it, love it.....everything....thats our salvation right there. Read it everyone! And don't just read it, pour over it, pray about it, take it all in, let it be written in your hearts. It will change your life!

Sister Whitley found an awesome verse the other day.....Mormon 5:11 the phrase "clasped in the arms of Jesus" seems to just jump out of that verse, it's so beautiful! Can we just think about what that would feel like? Shouldn't that be what we are all working towards? And if so, what do we need to do to receive that blessing? To be clasped in HIS arms? There are things we must do in this life, that if we do not do the blessings we might have received will become void to us. And we will be left sad and pathetic. Do not let this happen, take action in your life, do the right things, which are often the hard things. Don't let life pass you by, don't let blessings pass you by. Greater happiness is in store than we know, don't settle for anything less.

Well, this week.....again......I got sick.....what is up with this Cagayan Valley?! I swear, it's only up here, all the missionaries get LBMs. This time I even threw up! We didn't work on Friday, again, and I just layed around the house all day feeling nauseous and weak (i attached a pic of the "lazy boy" we made hehe. It totally stinks. I'm back to normal now and on antibiotics to make sure I don't have any friends inside of me called amoebas.

Last Monday we came home from work to find 2 roaches mating on my flashlight on our kitchen counter! And then like 3 more in the kitchen, it was disgusting!!! Also, one of our electric fans broke so we only have one at the current moment, and it is soooooo stinken hot these days, like sweating constantly...not good! So we had one good fan....actually wouldn't call it good, it gets by and is on it's last limb as well. so we put our mattresses on in the living room and turned to fan on us but it is a very noisy fan and likes to move so we tied my stretchy band (used for working out) around it, put a flip flop underneath and had the leg of one chair resting on the bottom of it. It stayed in place and was pretty quite. only in the Philippines! That's what we'd call "puwede na!" a phrase here that means something like "good enough" or like we can still use it. Love this place.

Well fam, friends.....love ya all to death, I want only the best for you and hope you are making good things happen in your life through obedience to our God. He loves you and knows you :)

Be good,
Sister Carroll!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Thursday or something.....hope its a good one for ya :) you old prego fart!

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