May 29, 2011

Short and sweet

We have spent hours and hours this week talking about the gospel and God's plan and purpose for things.....God is amazing and perfect and all flesh is in His hands. I was reading this morning from The Teachings of Wilford Woodruff. He was saying how the saints have been called to go through trial and tribulation and we should be grateful because we would not feel comfortable in the presence of the prophets and apostles who have literally given EVERYTHING to the gospel no matter what trial they were called to bear. They succeeded triumphant and who would we be to stand in front of them in the celestial kingdom, if we too have not passed through every trial and test life has to offer?

I love the gospel, i love the great plan of happiness, and i love trials.

ps: congrats on the new GRANDKID!!!!!! That is the most exciting news EVER!!!!!! I can't believe i will come home to a 9 month pregnant sister! SWEET!

well, no big email, just to you guys. I want you to know family that I love you more than anything, you are my life!!! Thanks for you love and support of me. Keep hangin in there, there is no trial we cannot overcome, no trial that is bigger than our spirits.

love always,

Baptism last week....chris fontiveros!

Sis whitley and i!! its her bday today so i made her a poster!

we totally found PREGO sauce and made spagetti earlier for sis Whitley's bday!! so YUMMY!!! we also made garlic bread!

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