May 23, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

Magandang magandang tanghali!!

So I'll start with the funnies this week....

Saw a sign on the side of an elementary school that said: "This is a child friendly school" they really need to advertise that??

On the side of a jeepney (kiki, you will love this) I saw the word "Friendee" thank you, me and kiki are not the only ones who grew up knowing what a "friendee" is. The people over here are informed as well :)

At the house of an investigator there was a movie case that said "Before the Land of Time" i more closely examined it, I saw the characters of Littlefoot and Sarah....did they mean "Land Before Time" ???

Also, this was pretty cool, and I'm going to admit, scary at the same time....I experienced another EARTHQUAKE Saturday night (which was supposed to be the end of the world I hear). It was much stronger than the first one a couple weeks ago, Sis Habla and I were in our house for the night planning and our whole house moved and some small things fell over and it lasted for like 10 seconds!! It was freaky, my heart stopped for a second. I honestly couldn't imagine anything stronger than that, I would probably start crying.

And for the news of the day......its transfer time again, I swear it comes every other week. I now only have 4 more transfers....what in the world???? However, there is a transfer among sis Habla and I.....she is leaving the area. Poor thing sat and cried for about 5 minutes when she knew she was leaving. In every companion prayer she would pray that there wouldn't be a transfer among us. She has been an awesome trainee, and she has really contributed a lot to the area and our compship. My new companion American! Oh thank you, how much i have needed this. As much as I am sad to see Sis Habla go, this change will be really good for me i think. My new comps name is Sister Whitley,from Utah i think??? I haven't met her yet but I hear she is a great sister and a lot of fun. I'm super excited!

As for the bad....I got sick again this week, whats that all about? I haven't gotten sick all the way up until this transfer. I got an LBM again Thursday but it was much worse this time, a fever followed it as well as a massive headache. When we got home that night I went straight to bed and sis Habla kept a cold towel on my head--shes so sweet. we didn't have any medicine though and I couldn't eat or drink anything, I was super nauseous. Around 9 i was just in so much pain i wanted to die haha. i started crying cause I wanted a blessing but there are absolutely no members close to our house and no one even has vehicles. the next morning i still had a fever and headache so we text sis Odgers and she told us which medicine to take and then to sleep that day and not work. So I took the medicine and went to bed and woke up an hour later and my fever had broken and then I slept some more until about 1pm. Then sat in my chair again for a few more hours. That pretty much took up my whole day. I was SO sick of sitting and laying down it wasn't even funny. Right now, I still kinda have an LBM, but am able to do things.

We had a baptism on Saturday!! Woohoo!!!! My favorite. He has been taught for over a year and were the final harvesters. Missionary work is just the best. Keep praying for the hearts over here to be softened......we need to penetrate them!!!

Family, I love you so so much, you are my joy. Don't forget what the main purpose in life prepare us for the next which is our real life. This life is not the end, these weaknesses and trials are not all we are going to know. Just read the last 2 chapters in Revelations....just beautiful. I know we are going to be the kings that add to the light and glory of the celestial kingdom. Keep on moving forward in faith.

Sister Carroll

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