May 16, 2011

Butt of a Pig

Musta kayong lahat?!

Well, life is beautiful....things are going so much better this week because I did just what you said mom, I lightened up haha. That was actually my goal this week. Let me just say that I'm pretty sure I hadn't laughed since this transfer started....not good on anyone, don't recommend it! Well, last Monday after I got to talk to ya'll which helped me a ton, we emailed then went to the church so I could play the piano for some of the YSA to practice singing. Oh man, it was so fun to just be around a group of YSA and laugh with them. I actually loosened up for the first time and allowed myself to laugh and have a good time. I felt like a whole new person after that and Sister Habla even noticed....she said she like me like that haha. She is always laughing at something that I do, I usually just smile or chuckle and that's it. But last week, I was actually myself! Then later that night we had an FHE with the Umbalin's

and much more laughter was had by all. It was the funnest thing ever! Their son just got off his mission in Manila and is a hoot! We played a game called "puwit ng baboy" which means "butt of a pig" hahahah.....he would ask us questions....any random question and our only answer could be that phrase which we had to say without laughing! Yeah, good luck with that....especially when his questions were "what do you look like" and "where were you born" it was hilarious to say the least. Guess what the second game was...."What if..." --who even knew they knew that game?! Of coarse it was in Tagalog so really we played "paano kung..." It was so much fun! They all enjoyed it!

Needless to say, after that day I felt renewed and ready for this work again. The next day was zone meeting and interviews with President. I told him everything I was feeling and he completely understood. He realized that my only American comp was sister McKormack my 2nd transfer here. He said i was doing such a good job of training sister Habla but wanted me to be happy of coarse. He told me that on PDAYs to take some time to myself and do what I want for about an hour and just not be a missionary. He said we all need it. He said go for a walk (obviously with sis Habla) or take a nap or anything that will help me to get back in touch with myself. It was all very helpful!! We need to be balanced as missionaries and if we are not careful we trap ourselves into this little missionary hole which no one should be in!

Ever since Monday and Tuesday things have been really good! Our work has been just amazing! We are being so much more bold in our teaching and right off the bat talking about baptism and the restoration and the truth of this church. There is no time to waste in teaching fluff. We have a lot of investigators right now thinking and praying about baptism. It's definitely a scary concept but I know with faith and prayers they will accept it! Yesterday we had 7 investigators come to church!!! That is the most investigators I've ever had at church my whole mission, its just such a good feeling to see them keeping commitments--especially going to church--that takes a lot of effort. I love our investigators so much, I want them to believe our words and accept this truth we are teaching. It will bless their lives, they need to see that! If you could this week pray for two women who are close to accepting baptism but their fears are very much in the way because of their past experiences. One is Maria Louisa Graminto, she is 54 and she is the one who told us she has no hope for anything good to happen in her future. The other is Luzveminda Tarampi, also around 54 and she basically wants to be sure that when she is baptized she will not sin or lie ever again. Its a very great desire that she has but we are trying to help her see that we are not perfect and will always make mistakes but this act of faith will take us that much closer to becoming like our Savior.

I gave a talk in church yesterday, it had to have been one of the best talks I've ever given because I feel it was completely directed by the spirit (and sis habla said my Tagalog was perfect!) but truly, i prayed so hard all morning for that talk to go well. I told Heavenly Father that I couldn't do it alone and wanted to meet the needs of all His children in the congregation. Prayer is so powerful. I know that when we are humble and give our will over to the Lord...that is when we see miracles in our lives. That is when we can truly touch the lives of others. My talk was on the scripture in 1 Nephi 17 when the Lord told Nephi to "arise and get thee up to the mountain" and also the scripture in D&C 25 the Lord's counsel to Emma "lay aside the things of the world and seek for things of a better" So I would ask each of you. Where is your mountain? What are the "things of a better" in your own lives?? I would hope we could each answer: "the temple, going to church, and the scriptures" These are solid mountains to stand on that will not fail us. If we remain on the low ground, at the last day Satan will not support us there. He will leave us and laugh at us. Nephi says a couple chapters later that as often as he went up to the mountain he received instruction. I know we each will receive the will of God specific for us as often as we turn to Him through the scriptures, prayer, church and the temple. How blessed we are to have these special helps in our lives :) Life isn't easy, why try and do it on our own?

I know our journey seems long and endless at times, but we are here just for that very gain endless happiness, and it will come because it is promised to us as we live faithfully.

Ingat kayo lagi!!

Sis. Carroll

Magandan ilog (Beautiful River)

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