October 24, 2011

All is Well

Hey all!!

Happy day, all is well......Hope things are going great for you all on the home front! We had a pretty good week this week! I got the package you sent mom, thank you VERY MUCH!!! I am now glasses free again and have gotten comments from people that i look much better without them, thanks for informing me. One even came from a tricycle driver haha! You don't even know me!

So great news, Aida is amazing and is getting baptized on Dec 3!! In just one week she has just embraced the gospel and loves all of it! She always feels the spirit so strong and yesterday she came to church and cried during one talk and then told us she is going to invite everyone she knows to come! That is the true spirit of a converted person.

We had interviews this week with President. He's just the greatest person ever, there's no doubt he was supposed to be my mission president at this time. I asked him how I was supposed to cope with going home and being separated from all these people I love and not know if/when I'll come back and see them. He said it will be painful, but it's a good pain, so just to enjoy the pain haha. Gosh, it's all so bitter-sweet. President and Sis. Odgers told me to start planning and thinking about home so the transition will be a bit smoother. It's weird to think that i wont be doing this anymore, i don't feel like I'm ever going home haha. Like my past life was just a dream. I just wish I could take all these people home with me!!!!

Goodness, 17 months has really taken a toll on me physically. I am so darn TIRED all the time and i feel like I'm losing my mind haha. I have become SO forgetful, always leaving my umbrella or water bottle where ever we are. Good think I have Sis. Francia, she always remembers. But I swear, if my head wasn't attached I'd lose that too!

Sorry it's a short one today, we have a district activity and I've got things to plan. I love you all and am so grateful for you prayers and thoughts of me. You too are in my prayers.

Love always,
Sis. Carroll

"Why is non endurance a denial of the Lord? Because giving up is a denial of the Lord's loving capacity to see us through "all these things!" Giving up suggests that God is less than He really is. It is a denial of His divine attributes-and also, a denial of our own possibilities."
-Elder Neal A. Maxwell

1.This is a typical 1st birthday here in the philippines....they go ALL OUT!! Why? Who knows?! The kid is not gonna remember one thing about his first birthday.....but at least WE got in on the fun! And if you'll notice the pig with the apple....thats the best part....and yes, that is a real tradition still being practiced....i love the philippines.

2. Decided to take a try for myself.....

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