November 1, 2011

"Pray lest we enter into temptation"

My dearest family and friends,

Well, this surely has been an emotional morning as I've read the emails from Kiki and mom.....the emotions are of joy don't worry :) Gosh, family you have no idea how amazing it is to hear of your growth and steadiness in the paths you are walking. Your faith in our Heavenly Father fill me with such hope and peace. I know I was sent to just the right family. Thank you so much for your examples and for striving to become better and overcome obstacles. I'm very excited to meet my new nephew who looks ADORABLE and you all are right, he totally looks like Kiki, technology is awesome. I cannot express how happy I am that Kiki and Curtis were sealed!!!!!! I know that our progression in this life happens little by little, day by day. We cannot grow frustrated by looking at ourselves through the scope of one day or even on year. I know that we will be very surprised and proud of ourselves when, after a lifetime, we look back and have reached the potential we've always heard about.

Oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! I love Halloween, I hope you all enjoy it later.....after family home evening of coarse because that must come first ;) I am wearing orange and black to celebrate....unfortunately that's as far as it goes....I can't even eat candy at the moment because I was woken up in the middle of the night with LBM, sweet! Haven't had that in a while, but all morning long its been a real treat running the the bathroom every 5 mins!

My first picture is of my investigator straightening my hair :) First time in over a year!!! How fun, she has a straightener and let me borrow it too!

However, because of the humidity it gets fluffy like instantly. What am i gonna do in dry weather?! So yesterday we had the primary program in our branch which we helped with cause sis Francia has worked before with the primary and is an awesome teacher/leader. They were SO cute!! haha, its definitely different than the primary programs i grew up was done acappella cause the primary songs are hard to play and they don't know some of the songs very well so sis. Francia's voice was what you heard some of the time haha, but they were all way excited to give talks! How fun, i love these kids!

So in my studies the other day I learned about prayer and temptation. How many times throughout all the standard works, are we told to "pray lest we enter into temptation" .... A LOT! I didn't count but we see it all over.....well, it actually hit me that prayer is more powerful than we think and it will totally serve as our defense when faced against temptation. Example: our recent convert who is awesome, Erril used to be a major drinker but has turned completely around. Of coarse those temptations still follow him and his friends and co-workers always come to him offering him stuff. He told us the other night that when that happens, he closes his eyes and folds his arms right then and prays to escape temptation....then they all leave when he opens his eyes. What a perfect example of someone who fears God more than man. Of coarse one might say "how embarrassing if you pray in front of people like that, what will they say, what will they think?" But who do we fear with those comments.
Have we ever tried that? Do we have faith enough in God that when we asked for deliverance, He will do it immediately?! God will never leave us hanging or never leave us alone to face temptation, but we must ask first, and the way to do that is through prayer. It's powerful and can be used with ANY temptation we face in this life. Try it.

Well family, thank you so much again for EVERYTHING, I cannot list the reasons I am grateful for you, I am pretty sure i am more blessed than anyone else :)

Until next week,
Sis. Carroll
"The refiners fire is real, and qualities of character and righteousness that are forged in the furnace of affliction perfect and purify us and prepare us to meet God" -Elder Quinton L. Cook

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