August 29, 2011

"...without me ye can do nothing." John 15:5

Minamahal kong family and friends!!!

How are you all this week?!  Hope the storms of life are not beating too hard....and if they are, my advice would be that it's about time to get on your knees and pour out your whole souls to God and really find His will in all of it......actually we should be doing that everyday, storms or clear weather.  Let us not grow complacent in life like the brother of Jared who was eventually chastised for 3 hours by the Lord.....doesn't sound too fun!  I hope we will always be found looking for higher ground and never settle.  It is not enough just to be a baptized member of the church, those are limited blessings and not all that the Lord has in store for us.  So so so much lies ahead!
As for my week, I couldn't be happier (I think I say that all the time) but it's true!  I love living with 3 other sisters!  They are a blast and we all get along so well....I don't see us having any problems over the next 10 weeks.  And Sis Francia is still amazing!

She is a gift from Heavenly Father to me.....I am so blessed that my last couple months here, I get a companion who is fresh and full of fire to do the Lord's work.  It keeps me on MY toes :)  They all speak English very well and mostly what we speak to each other is taglish--like the best language ever!!  It's pretty much their language here, they throw in SO many English words.  I love it!

Most of the people sis Whitley and i found a couple weeks ago ended up falling under the other sister's area which I think was inspired otherwise they'd be starting with nothing!  So now, sis Francia and I are doing a lot of finding!  So fun, it has become a joy of mine!  You never know what to expect!  Let me take it out of the mouth of Forest Gump...."[finding] is like a box of never know what you're gonna get!"

So our excitement for the week:  Bagyo Mina.....(a storm named Mina) started like last Wednesday or Thursday and is just leaving today and tomorrow.  Haha....what an adventure.  The rain and wind has been SO STRONG!!  Friday night I woke up in the middle of the night and it was pitch black, as in pitch black!!  You couldn't see your hand in front of your face.  It was a little scary....the mists of darkness is what I thought of after the death of Christ before He showed Himself to the people in America.  Weird.  The next day we had no power....and I found out right as I started my bucket (shower) that we had no water either....awesome.  So we had to pump a lot of bucket from the house across the street and bring it to our house.  What a hassle!  Then after studies Sis. Cayaba started throwing up.  Since it was raining all we did was leave buckets outside to fill up and brought them in to clean up the tub.  Since we didn't have "clean" water to wash our dishes, we didn't have much to eat for lunch (food storage type foods, like top ramen) Sis Francia and I then went out to work in the cold rain with a fellowshipper haha, poor thing, we dragged her into it too!  We worked for about 4.5 hours then went home to make sure the others were doing okay....Sis. Minoza was also throwing up haha!  It was getting pretty dark and still no electricity so we decided it was probably better to not go out again in the storm.

 We spent the rest of the night sitting at our long table under candle light just talking and writing in our journal....our dinner was pork and beans out of a can (like literally, we ate it directly out of the

can) and crackers and canned fruit.  mmmmmm......   The next day was

Sunday....very few went to church and there was still no electricity or water.  However, during coordination meeting after church some kids came in and said the electricity was back on!!  Haha, everyone in the room shouted for joy and clapped!  How much I have come to appreciate the luxuries we enjoy in America, and the safety of Arizona.  It is so rough to live without those essential things!

Today we've spent a lot of time cleaning our messy house that we just let go for 2 days during the storm!  It was fun, we had some good bonding times with each other and the branch members!!

As far as posting things on facebook, us missionaries have just been asked not to give full names of our companions or people here.  Don't know what happened for that to become a rule!
Well, that's about all I got for today.....thank you all very much for your love and prayers!!  I wish I had time to individually write to you all, because you all mean so much to me in a different way....but unfortunately you have to get a general email because I literally have no time to write letters!!  But know that I love you and think you are all great!!

Sis Carroll

"And blessed is he that is found faithful unto my name at the last day for he shall be lifted up to dwell in the kingdom prepared for him from the foundation of the world..."  Ether 4:19

beareth fruit, he pruneth it, that it may bring forth more fruit"  John 15:2

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