August 22, 2011


Gandang hapon!
Musta kayo?!

So....shall I get started with my week?!  I already LOVE the start of this transfer and all of the changes!!! Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous that the area was being split, I was going to train again, and there would be 3 other filipinas living with me and no Americans haha......HOWEVER, all my worrying was for nothing because I LOVE them all!!  And we are already having fun together!  It hasn't been a hard transition like at all not having an American companion, thank goodness.  I really like that there are 4 of us living together and going to the same branch...I think it will really liven up the place!

Sis. Whitley is now in Vigan....big tourist spot!
So, my new child's name is Sis. Francia from Cavite (ca-vee--tay) I know it looks like cavity.....she is AMAZING!!  You would not think that she is a greenie....I feel like SHE is the trainer.  The MTC is sure sending out their missionaries prepared!  The 4 of us have worked together the last couple days so that i can familiarize them with investigators and that's been fun.  A little difficult though trying to balance a lesson with 4 missionaries all receiving revelation haha.

 It's all good though, starting today we will split and Sis. Odgers will make the final decision of the area on Wednesday.  But seriously, I am going to learn sooooo much from Sis. Francia, she has a lot of great ideas and I know she has already started applying everything she's learned about missionary work.  I couldn't ask for a better trainee.  The other 2 sisters in the apartment are Sis. Minoza and Sis. Cayaba

As of this transfer though, there has been a lot of changes around the world with training. I am among the guinea pigs with this new curriculum.  At first I was like "why me?!....this sounds a lot harder!"  Haha, but I know I will be a better missionary from it and the Lord has a lot in store for me to learn.  Here's how it goes.....It is required that you are with your trainee for 2 transfers and you have to follow this 12-week study schedule and accomplish weekly goals.  Our companionship study which is normally 1 hour is now

2 hours long and we have been given personal DVD players to watch The District (missionary training movies) and we have to practice with each other.  It's quite intense.  4 hours a day is required to study before going out.  I really like's just a little rough getting used to sitting for soooo long.  Like I said though, I can't wait to LEARN  its my favorite thing.  The Lord is really preparing me for my future, I just feel it!
Since we are going to be together 2 more transfers.....that means I am in Lal-lo 2 more transfers which will make a total of 8 1/2 months!

haha, that's a long time, then I only have 1 transfer left after that....might as well just stay here!  I would be totally okay with that, I LOVE Lal-lo and everyone here.  I have been so BLESSED to have been left in the area each transfer, Heavenly Father is so nice to me
:)  Gosh, He just knows us....why do we try to take over our own lives sometimes?  He can do it so much better!  But, I did ask Him the yesterday what my purpose was in still being here, obviously it's for a reason, I just want to know what more I need to do to accomplish His plans.  During my personal study as I was seeking the answer to that question I turned to Alma 14:13 hahah...He's got a sense of says " it according to the will of the Lord; but behold [your] work is not finished."  okay I get the picture, just keep working.

Well, that's about all the news I got, kinda boring I'm sorry but that was the main thing that happened this week.  I am really happy right now, no one needs to worry about me :)  I'm just taking what the Lord gives me and learning from it!  I love God, I love His son Jesus Christ, His plan is perfect and beautiful and we all NEED it.  Let's not allow one day to pass by where we exclude Heavenly Father from our lives.  He must be the very center of it.

Love you all with my whole heart.  Keep pressing forward through the dark and dreary world.  We will make it to the arms of our Savior, if that's the direction we are looking. :)

Sis. Carroll

Mother dearest:  so I don't have my camera with me right week na lang I will tell you what to order.  Also, at your earliest convenience could you please send us some fun chocolate and treats from over there....these sisters like that stuff and it will be fun for all of us to have!!  Also could you also send 4 more small books of Mormon (you can use my money for that) my comps want one and you can't get them here!  Better sooner than later with this stuff :) Love ya mom aka grandma!!  What is your name gonna be?  Lola?  Nanay?  And what are we going by?  Auntie?  Just wondering!

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