October 9, 2011

Thorns and Roses


Just thought I'd change up the greeting on this week's email....how are ya'll doin?! Life over here is still goin haha, I've entitled the subject line 'thorns and roses' because that's kinda how I feel life is. I bet you will all agree with me on that one. You really don't appreciate the beautiful and striking rose without the ugly thorns right? What if all roses grew with lace and pearls coming out of them? They wouldn't be as beautiful, their beauty would lessen. However, they grow amongst leaves and sticks and have sharp, ugly thorns coming out. What a contrast that is. And how much it reflects our lives. We have thorny days, weeks, and even years some are sharp and hurt a little but they are only a backdrop for the magnificent roses that God also gives us. We learn to appreciate Him more as we come to recognize the contrast between our own thorns and roses throughout life. I'll tell you this much though, we should ALWAYS be looking for those roses, because I promise, they are ALWAYS there. We can expect miracles in our lives everyday as we strive to be obedient to God's commandments.

This week was a bit of a thorny week, not gonna lie. The last few weeks were awesome, then this week hit and it wasn't much fun. Some of our progressing investigators have taken some steps backward while as we tried finding we encountered lots of rejection. It sure has humbled my heart and I seek help from the Lord, I know I am not invincible and cannot do this alone, we are on the Lord's time and the Lord's errand. I have been visited with peace and comfort as I've turned to Him through prayer and the scriptures, how much solace they offer a broken heart. Sometimes you really feel the weight of your investigator's lives, it gets a little heavy at times. After yesterday I didn't know how much more I could take, but I gave it to Christ and this morning I am walking a little lighter. I still don't know what I'm going to do this week with our investigators and with finding but I do know that I can trust in the Lord. And that's what I will do.

Wasn't conference wonderful?! President Monson seemed extra cheery didn't he? That really brings me hope, if our beloved prophet who carries the weight of the world (pretty much) is happy and can joke and laugh.....why can't we all be the same?! We only have our small circles to worry about, not a world full of wickedness. If we can only see the thorns in our lives, we aren't seeing what the Lord intends us to see. One commandment of the Savior's is to "be of good cheer" now lets do just that! Let's follow the example of our prophet and lift up our heads for "we are not cast off" and just know that whatever trial we face, there's a way up and over. But whatever we do, let us not give up on the simple things: fervent prayer, daily feasting on the word, and actively attending church. The gospel will heal all things, and it is fool-proof. Just try it, and try it again, and then keep trying.

So the bread and pastry things here are super yummy, I love them all!! And there is a young couple in the branch who own a bakery so we all went over there this morning and helped them make all sorts of rolls and bread, it was way fun! But let me tell ya a little of the unsanitary-ness of the businesses here haha.....lots of flies, ants crawling all over the table and dough, and then they get stuck and are baked with the bread and then you eat them. Mmmmm.... haha, seriously, there's no avoiding it I was putting ants into the bread, awesome. But still tasty!

Well, my dear family and friends I urge you to, among your thorns, find the roses God has prepared for you, and may I suggest the scriptures as your source of seeking because in them you will find all the treasures life has to offer. In them you will find countless roses, trimmed and ready for you to pluck. :) LOVE you all!

Sis Carroll

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