October 2, 2011

A whole lot of greatness

Hey ya'll!

Things are just moving along quite nicely, as always....gosh I feel like I email every other day and don't have anything new to write, because its all so AMAZING!!! Seriously, I am being blessed more than I can even imagine. Yesterday at church, we had 22 investigators attend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is combined, our investigators and the other sisters'. How incredible is that?! What a strong spirit that brings with it, people looking for the truth....in the RIGHT place!!:) They are all progressing too, like honest seekers. It's the bomb.
Next week, the 15th two of our investigators will be baptized, one of theirs, and 2 from an area close to ours....a total of 5 in one sitting!!! I am filled with joy. I love this great work...only our one true God could do this.

So random, Sis. Francia's mom is from a town just 30 minutes away and she goes there every year for vacation cause they still have lots of family there.....well, her uncle is the branch president and they are in our district so we saw them a couple weeks ago and also last Monday we went to their house haha because sis francia had some legal things to take care of and President said we could go.. so we totally went to her uncle's house and hung out while taking care of some things.
crazy, i definitely couldn't have done something like that when I was still new, but since sis francia is amazing, there was no problems!
She seriously is awesome, I am so grateful she is my comp. We are great compliments to each other and our work is so good! I love Heavenly Father.

Funny story... back when sis. Whitley was here we saw a crazy naked guy once by a recent converts house haha so i told sis francia about it....and guess who we saw on Saturday?! yep, our good friend, however, he had shorts on this time....until he decided he wanted to take them off in front of us....that was memorable.

So mom you asked a while back if I knew an Elder Maughn.....well I do now, he is my district leader....how did you know him? Also, coco.....do you have an iphone now?! If so, they have the cutest cases here, I could pick one up for ya...they are probably super cheap. And whoever else has one too...I'll take a look.

Unfortunately because of the crazy storms lately I wasn't able to watch RS conference....just gonna have to print and read. Man, these storms are quite annoying not gonnalie....I feel really bad for the people here too....there are flooded houses and farms.....tons of rice fields that were close to being harvested are now turned into lakes, it really stinks. We really need to count our blessings during times like this....and make sure we are living according to God's commandments so that He will continue to bless us when times get rough. I know He will always carry us through and provide for us when we are obedient...but when we are not, we have no promise.

Well, love you all, you are in my prayers and fasts. Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!

Sis Carroll

Dad....GOOD LUCK with your new job!!! How exciting!!! Can't wait to see you hard at work!

Alec.....GOOD LUCK as well, hope you get the job!!

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