November 14, 2011

Hot, hot, and hotter!


Holy moly, I feel like I am working in an OVEN! Is it really November?? It's supposed to get a little cooler, but the last week has just been straight up HOT! I LOVE it when people don't have electric fans and you all just sit there wiping off sweat with your hanker-chief and comment about how hot it is throughout the whole lesson, hahaha. But of coarse, I love it and it will probably be very hard living in the cold weather when I go home! Mom, I'm gonna have to borrow that heating pad you use that smells bad!

This was just another week in the making.....nothing really exciting on my part.....It was actually a bit of a rougher week for me. I don't know why, I really just didn't feel it. It was frustrating, I felt very off my groove and not in tune with what the Spirit was prompting me. We didn't find much success either in our finding and realized that we didn't have many progressing investigators anymore.
However, yesterday we went on splits and we were both able to have success and I was able to feel the Spirit more strongly in our final lesson with a family who I started teaching back in March. They are coming to church finally and last night they said they'd be baptized!
I love this family!! We also had 2 baptisms on Saturday!! Those two
15 year old girls who started working with us weeks ago! Now they are members and are more powerful and glowing than ever! There are ALWAYS blessings amongst the hard times, we can't forget to look for them.

I am SO happy with my living situation right now! I LOVE the 3 other sisters who I will spend the last 4 weeks with!!! They are SO fun, SO cute, and VERY hard workers! Couldn't be better! The members all love us and love working with us, I am blessed on every front! Yeah, how many more emails will I be sending?! 3? Not gonna lie, that makes me really sad too, its been fun sharing my experiences with all of you, and reading about your lives and seeing the growth and blessings that have come to you. We need another missionary to get out into the field like ASAP! I can't be the last one!

I was reading in the bible dictionary about conversion and there was one sentence I really liked:
"complete conversion comes after many trials and much testing"
The Lord promises us: "And after their temptations, and much tribulation, behold, I, the Lord, will feel after them, and if they harden not their hearts, and stiffen not their necks against me, they shall be converted, and I will heal them." D&C 112:13

I can TESTIFY this is true! My conversion to God didn't really start until I got here haha and have learned to turn to the one true source of strength to overcome challenges. He IS there for us, but we cannot harden our hearts or else we will think that He has left us alone to deal with life. He never leaves us.....we just become blind and hard to Him.

Let us harden not our hearts, look up to God and press forward, we came here to conquer, not to be conquered!

Love you all,
Sister Carroll

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