November 21, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life

Gandang Tanghali!

Ooo, I am actually excited to watch that movie when I get home....It's a Wonderful Life.....well anyway, it is.  It's a hard life too.  The Lord is not gonna let me outta here on an easy foot.  Haha, we've seen some challenges as we've tried to find new people to teach and progress in the gospel.  However, its still fun for some reason!  We have 2 baptisms coming up on Dec 3 and that'll be the final ones for me....I am so proud of all my investigators who have given up so much, humbled themselves before God and are willing to accept His will.  Hopefully we can all do that, daily.

So in the last 2 weeks I think about 5 people have told me that I've gained weight...thanks everyone.  Haha, so hope ya'll recognize me when i walk off the airplane!  However, one of the members (married man) did tell me that out of all the other American sisters who've served in that area i am the pinaka-sexy.  Or in English the most sexy sister.....don't worry, they don't really mean sexy like we do, they just mean fit, or skinny haha.  But it was good to hear after all the fat comments!

Yay!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you eat a lot of American food for me!! 
So I came across Alma 7:15 in my studies this week and one part of it reads "...fear not, and lay aside every sin"  I thought to myself why do we need to fear not to lay aside our sins??  Then as I thought more, I realized that it can be scary to give up sin or bad habits....we get in comfort zones and don't like to leave them....sometimes those comfort zones are dangerous for us but the thought of leaving or quitting that one thing is frightening.  What are we going to feel?  What if we can't do it?  I know I'm gonna miss it or want to keep doing it, and that will be torture.....
However, this sentence in Alma offers comfort from our Saviour....He tells us to not fear and not worry about it for He has already done it.  It takes great faith to lay aside sin, especially "every sin."  The Lord promises countless blessings of peace, joy, comfort, hope, understanding, those who will do this.  Fear is not from God, it never has been nor ever will be, for fear will keep us in the same place doing the same thing.  That is not what God intends for His children who are heirs of His kingdom.  He intends for us to "press-forward steadfastly" so that we can obtain that life eternal of which He so often speaks.  We can all do it, and we all agreed to do it before we came here.  So my dear family and friends, LET'S DO IT!! 

Have a great Thanksgiving, and remember to give thanks to the One who loves us unconditionally.

Sister Carroll ;)

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