November 27, 2011

A trashy day

Greetings family and friends!!!

Well let me just tell ya mom, there WAS a reason you thought about me a lot this last week stomach AGAIN!  I will start off with that story, it's a fun one....
So, last Sunday night we ate at a member's house and on the long walk home my stomach started screaming at me for an emergency exit...awesome, it continued until Wednesday because I was stubborn and didn't want to go on a liquid diet but was eventually forced to....its stinken hard to work with an LBM--the toilets are LIMITED!  So I started the liquid diet on Thursday morning nothing changed and i was frustrated because of coarse i just wanted to top off the morning something awesome happened....hahha, I was the first to open the back door and walk outside....when i opened it i saw that our cats and dogs scattered our trash AGAIN, so i just chuckled and took one step outside and slipped (it had been raining) and fell flat on my side in our bathroom trash.....i love life, all i could do was laugh at my pitiful state haha.  The next 2 days I still had LBM but was now eating bread, rice, apples, bananas.....the only things i could eat without my stomach hurting!  By Saturday morning i was sick of that food and just wanted FLAVOR but followed the diet because i knew the consequences (even though nothing had changed with my stomach situation) by Sunday....yep, still there, and still being careful with my eating except we were out of apples and bananas :(  this morning was the first time that was okay so i figured it'd be okay to eat normal food again so i did for lunch and about 5 minutes ago it all wanted to come out.  Why me?!  Lol, it's actually funny, I'm not annoyed anymore, just amused.  We have Christmas Zone Conference Thurs and Fri so maybe I'll talk to Sis Odgers. 

It came to no surprise to me that almost all of my personal studies were mostly about patience in affliction haha....i wasn't looking for it, but that's what the Lord was showing me, which i am grateful for because i think it really helped me not get worked up over the little things.  Today, in my studies I learned from Amulek's experience in Alma 15 that as much as we fight it and deny it, in the end it is requisite for man to forsake ALL things for the Lord if he wishes to obtain the riches of eternity.  I was led to connect what I learned over the last couple of days and today.  The Lord "seeth fit to chasten His people, yea he trieth their patience and faith"  He will first try us to see where our faith we turn to him or turn away?  Then, once He has determined we are fit and worthy, He will require all that WE have only to give us all the HE has.  Our patience MUST be tried first then our desires must be tried.  What do we truly desire most?  God or Gold.  That is only for each of us to decide and show Him. 

Speaking of patience......i know mine has truly been expanded as I pour ICE COLD WATER on myself every morning....I have no idea how I do it, it actually amazes me everyday as I am bucketing.   It is seriously hypothermia-causing coldness!  The weather has been chilly too!  It's just been raining and raining and I have no sweater because I didn't bring one and just haven't thought to buy one... oh endurance. 

Mom, I don't know if I've told you any of the comments people make about you when I show them a pic of our family.....but let me fill you in....some think you are just one of my sisters, some thing you look like a model, and EVERYONE comments on how beautiful you are :)  Just thought you'd like to know that!  I agree with them of coarse!  I think we have a VERY attractive family!

As for what I want when I get home.....haha, still not sure.....I think i do just want home cooked instead of restaurant, its not really I've tried thinking about the food i miss and want to eat, i can't really think of anything specific.   I don't know, i don't know what I'll want haha maybe you can suggest ideas and I'll just agree :)  i know for sure though that that night i want dessert with friends probably at our house since they know where that is.  But as for dinner....just as long as there is family there :)

That's all for now!!!  AH!  Next week is my last week for emailing!  Well, I think i will get one more in the week i leave, if i have time.  But I love you all and want you to know that I receive so much strength from each one of you!!!!!

love always,
Sis. Carroll
"Not any of us can take refuge in past righteousness or service"  -Elder Theodore M. Burton

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